Arenal Village - the step into the future?

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Arenal Village - the step into the future? - 07/19/13 09:18 PM

After 30 years of promises and nothing but promises - after a very special status with half the village in Guatemala and half in Belize - the world's only football court in 2 countries - beautiful, natural, unique and original but forgotten by all politicians - we'll be doing the step into the future and it could be with your help.

Please check our website at and our campaign in Indiegogo and if you would not want to contribute financially we also would highly appreciate if you could spread our campaign within your network. We would need ideas and hints to find charities and companies who support cause to get out of poverty. Who could help to get in touch with the European Union funds? any company support? charities? Any message would be appreciated. Here's the link of the campaign - thank you very much for your support. :-)
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Re: Arenal Village - the step into the future? - 08/02/13 11:54 AM

Please be so kind, take a minute and think about how you could help us! Do you know any charity organization? any social fund? It would really be very important as we MUST take our future into our hands now. After 35 years Arenal voted for a PUP chairman and you could imagine how the UDP is now trying to ignore or even sbotage us instead of asking: "what did we do wrong and how could we fix it"

The development just before the village election is very typical for our situation: within 4 years nothing happened! 5 days before election day the UDP sent 10 truck loads of gravel and throw everything onto our horrible roads - 3 days before elections they sent a special unit at 4am to search the house of the PUP candidate - 1 day before elections they sent some UDP celebrities to tell the villagers that jobs are about to reach within the next 2 or 3 weeks and the day of elections they sent a machine to straighten the gravel on the roads.

They had started a new football field years ago and each election ocasion they fill 5 trucks of land to later leave it as is after elections. We're kind of the forgotten spot in Belize and need to move towards a future right now.

Please help with tips, hints and information! Thank you very much :-)
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Re: Arenal Village - the step into the future? - 08/03/13 09:54 PM

I just created a pdf with a description of our project and an outlook. Please see the pdf at or you could download this project pdf on our website at

My wish is that this post will not just serve as a kind of entertainment to "read any news" but will bring actions from readers to get us in touch with charities and social funds. Please be so kind and give us your creative ideas :-)

Thank you very much
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