Bathrooms, Books, Blackboards & Basic Supplies

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Bathrooms, Books, Blackboards & Basic Supplies - 09/26/13 10:41 AM

Books, a blackboard, running water, a bathroom - all things we take for granted in schools. Help us provide them to students in Punta Negra, Belize.


After years of work the Punta Negra Village Council has won the support of the Government of Belize to replace the old condemned school building in our village.  Construction on the new building started in August 2013 and will be completed in October 2013.

We are truly grateful for this investment in our children but it has been left to the community to supply everything beyond the shell of a one room wooden school house measuring 24 x 30 feet.

The children here are used to doing without but we are hoping to augment the structure with basics like a bathroom, electricity (we are an off-grid community), a rainwater collection system, a basic library, blackboards, desks, school supplies, etc.

The children of Punta Negra have a true love of life and remain as yet untainted by consumerism. We do not want to change this but hope to be able to equip them with the skills to contribute in the future.

Your contribuition WILL make a huge difference in the lives of not only the current students but those to come in future generations.  Thank you for reading about our campaign and please help us reach our goal. 

What We Need

  • Bathrooms for the students.  Budgeted at $3,500 US including septic system.
  • Rainwater collection system with tanks / vats.  Budgeted at $2,500 US (mostly for  the tanks / vats but also some plumbing).
  • Small solar system - to run water pump, fans and the school computer during daylight hours. Budgeted at $2,000 US.
  • Shelving, desks, blackboards, etc. Budgeted at $750 US.
  • School supplies, teaching aids and books.  Government does not supply these items.  Budgeted at $750 US.
  • Fees charged by - $675.00 (assuming we meet our goal)
  • If we can exceed our goal a small teacher's room will also be built onto the school.  There is currently no residence for a teacher in the village and she is housed in family homes. 

This list is prioritized from the top down.  If we reach only part of our goal we will still proceed with those items that we can while continuing to raise money through other sources over time.

Please donate today by selecting one of our perks to the right or by donating any amount you can.

If you are in Belize and wish to donate locally by bank desposit please email us at [email protected] for local deposit instructions and we will ensure that you receive the appropriate Perk.

Who we are

The Punta Negra Village Council is made up of 7 elected community members under the Village Council Act of Belize.  We are a group of residents and parents that, like people everywhere, want the best for their community.  We are cooks, tour guides, fishermen, groundskeeprs and hoteliers.  We are not paid for our time or service and do not expect to be.  We do, however, hope to leave the village in a better state at the end of our term.

The Impact

The children at Punta Negra are truly wonderful kids.  They are sincere and have a love of learning.  Three of our new students this year were taken in by their Aunt after unfortunately winding up in a children's home in Belize City due to a family crisis.  This is a community that has huge heart but not a lot of financial resources.  Every dollar that you give will go directly to better the education and life of the students here.  

The overhead and installation / construction will be borne by the villagers themselves wherever possible so as to maximize the reach of each dollar donated.  The one exception to this may be installation of the solar system if we can not find a qualified installer to volunteer their time.

Other Ways You Can Help

Not everyone has the personal finances to donate but that does not mean you can not contribute.  The best way for you to help short of donating yourself is helping us to reach other people that can donate. 

Please help us SHARE this project with family, friends, church organizations, civic groups or any others that you feel may participate.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Your blog, Email it out, do what you can to get more people to this page and learn about our efforts.

We can not do this alone but with your help, either financial or otherwise, we will reach our goal of providing a safe space to educate the children of Punta Negra Village.

Thank you for your time and support.

Have a question? If so please email us directly at [email protected] 


Posted By: Sabal

Re: Bathrooms, Books, Blackboards & Basic Supplies - 09/28/13 03:05 PM

We celebrated a bit last night! Nothing fancy but a few cocktails on the dock thanks to an extremely generous donation! If you have not reviewed the campaign recently take a minute and see for yourself. Three days in and we are closing in on our initial goal but this is not the time to sit back and relax. We would love nothing more then to be able to reach our goal quickly and start the process of building bathrooms, installing the solar system, water tanks, plumbing, etc.

Our thanks to all of you who have shared our campaign with your friends, family and colleagues. For those of you who have not please take a minute and share now.
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