Virus ALERT!!!

Posted By: nanna

Virus ALERT!!! - 02/10/03 11:17 PM

Recieved mail from [email protected]
It was infected with the KLEZ virus.
This puppy grabs your address book and sends itself to everybody there.
Then you start getting "Returned Mail" to your mailbox.
Before you know it...your "Mailbox is full".
Both Symantec and MacAfee have free downloads to clear this up.
I'm taking them home tonight and running them through my laptop.
I did get a "xxx.btl" mailbox full return so I suspect someone on they're net has the bug.

Good luck!
Posted By: klcman

Re: Virus ALERT!!! - 02/11/03 12:33 AM

it will only hurt you if you open the attachment...cannot necessarily blame the sender, as it most likely was not them.
Posted By: Short

Re: Virus ALERT!!! - 02/11/03 01:36 AM

Klez was a problem 10 months ago, but I don't see it so much anymore and klcman is right; the infected computer uses a random adress from the adressbook as sender.
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