Hope for Kidney Patient Alashika Sterling

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Hope for Kidney Patient Alashika Sterling - 11/06/05 07:34 PM

Hope for Kidney Patient Alashika Sterling

Last night we introduced you to Alashika Sterling, the 22 year old who is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Well, it seems her plea for help on last night's newscast touched many, and the family received a flood of calls today from persons offering assistance. But no one came through quite like Derek Aikman. He linked up with Light of the World Ministries in Chicago and by this afternoon he had arranged for Alashika to get transplant surgery tomorrow at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. Late this afternoon when we visited, the family was overjoyed and relieved.

Alashika Sterling, Needs Kidney Transplant
"I was told that Derek Aikman is sponsoring my trip to New York including my kidney transplant. I thank God so much for this quick response and for the public helping me."

Marybel Flowers, Mother
"I would like to thank the good Lord because he is really helping in my life and I want to thank him because just last night we got the media to come and we've gotten responses from all over and I'd like to thank the sponsors them and may they continue to donate in the bank account. And I want to thank Mr. Aikman that came today and told me that he has gotten in touch with the hospital in New York. And we already have all the papers for the little girl to get to go and I really really want to thank Mr. Aikman. I thank God and Mr. Aikman and all who called in and helped me. God bless them all. I really feel like she is getting a second chance because the Lord is really working in our lives."

And while they expect to go to New York, there has been a change. This evening Aikman explained to us that he has been having problems getting a U.S. visa for Alashika. He had hoped to fly her out today, but Embassy staff explained that she must go in for an interview on Monday. Aikman says that will prove difficult with her worsening condition, but they will try to make it happen. But with this change in departure date, he tells us there's also been a change in the hospital. It can no longer be done at Mount Sinai and now the procedure will be performed next week at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, all this expedition based on the hope that her brother's kidney will be a match.
The family can be contracted at phone numbers 207-4523 or 607-4896. They have opened an account at Scotia Bank and the number is 910-1700.
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