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??? for CAPTAIN bigzeke - 11/21/00 07:35 PM

A serious question here. Do you use any knid of software in your reataurant business to keep track of everything like payroll, inventory, etc.? If so what kind? What do you know about Quicken 2001? Is it user friendly? Any recommendations?
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Orion..the very best in your new venture. Quicken is excellent, but I really don't know what Belizian law requires. You want to keep real good control on your inventory and you have to keep your payroll to about 25% and your food and beverage to about 30% of whatever your gross is. I don't know if you have any business payments or what your rent is, but if you go much over these percentages you can get into deep shit.You can email me anytime at [email protected] and I will gladly help you with any assistance that I can provide. Your place will be my first stop on my next visit and I will offer any advice if you so desire. The main thing I can tell you is to do the best job that you can and REMEMBER you are not going to make EVERYONE happy. There are alot of assholes in this world and I am afraid there will be some visiting SP too. When I get a real horse's ass harassing my help I tell them that I have been in this business for over 20 years without them and I am sure I will be in it another 20 years after you leave, so be careful the door don't hit you in the ass on the way out. Now if you are going to be successful, you sure as hell don't want to follow that policy....LOL I have been in this business my entire life and I am afraid there are going to be some curveballs thrown in your direction. Honestly the very best of luck to you.
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Orionhunter The 2001 should work even better than the 2000 and Qbooks pro that I have You might check out the FAQ page at Eric
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Re: ??? for CAPTAIN bigzeke - 11/22/00 06:05 AM

orion, my husband is a "self employed incorporated computer professional". (Oracle data warehouse archetect, to be precise). that means he knows computer stuff. he uses Quickbooks Pro as well, for several years now. says its the only way to go. they will send you a free trial copy of it. we use quicken for our home stuff, bank by phone, pay by mail, print checks, etc. uh, he is an S-corp and uses an accountant for the big stuff.
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Re: ??? for CAPTAIN bigzeke - 11/23/00 04:17 AM

Thanks Guys. Bought Quicken 2001 home and business a couple of days ago. Going to try it out and see. May need the more expensive version.
Zeke ol boy...are you trying to scare me?? If so, you're doing a darn fine job of it! What curve balls??? Why don't you come w/ me and be my assistant/bouncer!!??
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