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greetings - 12/12/00 11:35 PM

Been dreaming of the island and just wanted to send some greetings from way up North (Wisconsin)! It's COLD here - 4 below today and we just had 4 inches of snow with more on the way. I'd rather have my feet in the sand than this white stuff - only 65 more days and counting til we get to sunny San Pedro!!
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Re: greetings - 12/13/00 06:22 PM

we had a vertual heat wave here, up to 40 yesterday. this morning, my daugher hid inside my coat at the bus stop. brrrr, but no snow here yet. i hear it is on its way...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: greetings - 12/13/00 06:23 PM

hey, how do you get the "degree" symbol?
Posted By: geckogirl

Re: greetings - 12/13/00 06:33 PM

Only 65 days...we have to wait until March to go to AC. It will be our first visit to AC and I am so excited!
No work today...can't get there. It's been snowing since 6:30 last night and already have a good 11+ inches...which is not very common in NE Oklahoma at Grand Lake of the Cherokees.
Let us hear about your trip.
Posted By: caribbean soul

Re: greetings - 12/13/00 07:54 PM

I'm COLD too,...hate that snow. Just 20 days and counting till warm sand and Blue Water,..hope the dolphins are still playing off San Pedro. Not snowing now but sleet expected in a couple hours and I have to make it to work. BRRRrrrrrrrrr.
Posted By: snowbird

Re: greetings - 12/14/00 11:13 PM

Jane: I get that sign by pressing ALT + 248. When you release the ALT key your little symbol will be there. There are lots of others, try it! We use tons of them at work, I think numbers go from 1-255.
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