On a more serious note

Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

On a more serious note - 12/15/00 04:53 PM

I heard on the radio today that Fox T.V. is coming out with a new show called Temptation Island. It is about putting couples who were recently engaged on an island and try and get them to cheat on each other. It is to be aired on January 12th and the location is an island in Belize. Was this the reason that the Fox crew was on AC during Keith? I was hoping that they were on the island doing some kind of documentary, but knowing Fox's sleaze I put two and two together and figure this was it. Anyone know for sure?
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: On a more serious note - 12/15/00 05:11 PM

I just visited the About AC board, where I am banned from, a minute ago and saw my topic posted there. So please ignore this post. I better stick to my stupid jokes.
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Re: On a more serious note - 12/16/00 04:40 PM

Zeke......I think this was supposed to be a kind of spin-off of the survivor series.
(my opinion, only)

People will DO & WATCH anything for the almighty dollar.

Nothing is sacred anymore......that is the good ole USA for ya!....and human nature!

I'm a little curious as to what message the participants are sending to their significant others?

LOL....the games people play, huh?
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Re: On a more serious note - 12/18/00 04:51 PM

Looked REALLY sleazy to me..... What a sick bunch of people....
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: On a more serious note - 12/18/00 05:06 PM

Are you referring to the viewers?
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Re: On a more serious note - 12/18/00 11:55 PM

Jesse, LOL! yes, i saw the tv adds this weekend. i think it airs the 10th. now, my sister worked for fox for several years, and she isnt sleazy at all. that aside, the show does really look tacky, which is too bad. frank cringed watching the ad. i know it was filmed at both capt morgans and journeys end, but dont know where else.

we were on a water taxi with some of the producers the day i was to meet choochoo at BC's. we were to pick them up from capt morgans and they werent there when we pulled up. the JE guy had to go look for them, and we HAD TO SIT THERE & WAIT FOR THEIR HOLLYWOOD ASSES FOR 15 MINUTES while they talked on their cell phones. damn it, i had drinking to do! their priorities were all screwed up, that's for sure. oh, yeah, i'll probably watch the show anyway.
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