TAILCHASER - 12/21/00 11:05 PM

Hey you folks in sunny San Pedro. Sean Keating tells me someone has salvaged parts off of the "TAILCHASER". No problem except I'm not done with them yet. I know the Boatyard was destroyed, but our boat survived pretty well considering. If you ended up with my boat or motor parts, please return them to Sean. I would honor your property the same way. After all, we are neighbors and good neighbors don't remove other good neighbors stuff!! I'm sure it was just a little misunderstanding so please give it back.
Posted By: mossback

Re: TAILCHASER - 01/08/01 03:53 AM

Hey Hoot, you might start looking on the invoice for your storage in your search for pirates. You aren't the only one.

Re: TAILCHASER - 01/10/01 11:06 PM

Hey mossback, e-mail me at [email protected], I'd like to hear more.
Posted By: needs

Re: TAILCHASER - 01/12/01 02:26 AM

how many san pedranos( not real belizeans) do you think respect sean keating??

Re: TAILCHASER - 01/12/01 05:27 AM

Probably quite a few "needs". Since Sean is a fifth generation Belizean born in Belize city, most people know and respect him. The boat is mine, not his. He has been kind enough to try and repair the damage from "Keith" and get me afloat once more. I never believed anyone intentionally stole anything, just salvaged what they could after a damned nasty storm turned our lovely island home upside down. Since I live close to L.A. when I'm not on the island, I understand your Los Angeles attitude, being located there and all.
Posted By: mossback

Re: TAILCHASER - 01/12/01 03:37 PM

yo Hoot...plenty of people were looting at the Boatyard, not just to from you. You can bet it was done intentionally. The security guard that you were assured was on at night was not there at all; he'd been fired. You'll notice that there are lots of Island Ferry boats fixed up right now. Strange how that could happen when no one else can find parts for their boats or parts that were there are missing. The "mechanic" who is now there after the other good mechanics got their tools stolen is allegedly selling parts from customers' boats and motors.

Re: TAILCHASER - 01/12/01 08:23 PM

Well mossback, I guess bad people do bad things in bad times (maybe worse then) but it sure doesn't help the local image. Sean recovered a good share of my stuff from said mechanic. Justice will most likely prevail though. It is a lot harder to live down the reputation of thief than it is to acquire it!
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