Posted By: Sandshaker

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 12:41 AM

Hello from the frozen land of Pensacola, Florida! heard me.....Florida.
I know......I know......I asked for it.....LOL Just couldn't wait to get home for Christmas.

Well, Christmas was great.....and seeing the family again was very nice.
BUT!!!!.......NOW I remember WHY I wanted to move to Belize.....LOL

Future visits will have to be in the summertime I'm afraid. My body is used to warm tropical temperatures now and
it doesn't like 20 degrees very much. I'm not equipped to handle a 60 degree change....LOL

A week after I got here.....I was ready to be in shorts and t-shirt and barefooted again! :-)
Call me a me me a beachbum if you's the truth.....I confess!

I'm sitting here this morning.....the last day of 2000....watching the weather channel.....chance of snow from Dallas/Ft. Worth
all the way to Pensacola!
I'm due to leave here Wednesday. Gonna be pretty upset if I get snowed in here.....LOL

I haven't been warm a single day since I got here. My brother.....God love him.....likes to keep his house at 68 degrees.
BURRRRRR! I can't put enough clothes on......LOL.....and I hate clothes!
He doesn't know it.....but the reason I spend so much time in the bathroom is,
his bathrooms are equipped with both vents and heaters!
I go hibernate in there and thaw out several times a day.....LOL

And not that it is a big deal to a lot of you.....but none of my family smokes in their house.....even the smokers!!
Somehow.....a cigarette just doesn't taste as good when you are standing outside......shivering to death....LOL

Funny how we get used to our own home comforts and routines.

I miss my cats......

Can't wait to get back to San Pedro.....see my cats......fix me a BIG cup of coffee.....prop my feet up
and smoke a good Milport cigarette in the comfort of my own home!

Then.....back to work! I'm revived and ready to get busy!

I have a much greater appreciation for those of you that are stuck in a frozen wasteland.....just dying to get to Belize.
Bundle up and stay warm.....and get to Belize as soon as possible!

By the way......who in their right mind would sit in a stadium in 32 degree weather,
with winds of 20 mph.....a wind chill of 5 watch a stupid football game????
You gotta REALLY love football.....or be totally insane!.....LOL
You get a much better view on your T.V., sitting in the comfort of your living room.....sucking down a few beers!
I say we schedule an appointment for all those stadium folks with a psychiatrist right now!
They just ain't correct!!!

OK.....signing off now.....will write more later.

Posted By: MaryTom

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 01:54 AM

Don't talk about cold weather until you have been to the upper US.... and hey try a good Cuban Cigar next time..
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 01:54 AM

happy new year tammy. those of us from philadelphia are just used top that sort of thing...we got a foot of snow yesterday to boot!! my dad always held season tickets to the eagles when i was a kid, and with him always went the big thermos full of coffee or cocoa spiked with kahulah. thats how we keep warm!!

at home, i wear lots of layers of clothes, and my fuzzy comfy slippers. i always pull my turtleneck up over my frozen nose, so frank calls me "bazooka joe" from the gum comics, remember him? always had a red turtleneck over his face?

last 3 days we have had big fires in the fireplace too. kids dug a snow-fort where the plow piled the snow up. saw 4 deer walking thru the woods behind my house yesterday too. my bird feeders are very busy too. its not san pedro, but...for cold at least it is pretty.

happy and healthy new year to you. i hope you get home soon. love, jane
Posted By: NYgal

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 04:02 AM

It's snowing hard here and has been since our return home from Belize.......
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 02:06 PM

there u are!!!i missed u!! and I KNEW IT<I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!r u back on AC?? I gues not yet! snowed here in tx. today too. been on vacation....haven't left my house since Xmas Eve!IT SUCKS!!!did get to have dinner w/some folks from Caulker, Though....and had a couple of Belikins!along w/coconut rum straight from AC!!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 02:29 PM

thought about u 2 nite. a friend lit my fire and i was hoping u would be very COLD!!kiding!!i knew u would miss AC!!!!happy new year from a SNOWED IN TEXAS GIRL!!! C
Posted By: dphil56

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 05:14 PM

Woke up this morning to a thick blanket of snow......IN MISSISSIPPI!!! Us southern country folk just ain't used to this kind of stuff. I had to drive to work in took me two hours to get here.....slipping and sliding all the way. This will make AC that much sweeter, when we arrive this coming Sun. I guess I could try and bring a snowball with me.........Will it pass customs?
Posted By: caribbean soul

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 06:36 PM

Hey dphil56,......I'm leaving the snow at home. Has been White around here for a month or so,...and as Buffett says, I think it's going to snow untill June. YUK!!!!! Hate the stuff. We'll be arriving A.C. next week too and can't wait!!!! Warm weather, blue water, good food, and a little booze. My kind of place.
Oh yea,....HAPPY NEWYEAR TO ALL!!! Peace
Posted By: dphil56

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 06:50 PM

carib soul..warm weather, blue water, good food, ALOT of booze, and Jerry Jeff Walker.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 07:16 PM

dphil, you had to work today?? my head hurts just thinking about it. however, i am not going to ac anytime soon (boo hoo). so, i guess you guys all have that over me. i'll have to wait till june and swim out back.... toast one to me, okay?
Posted By: dphil56

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/01/01 07:39 PM

Oh yes, I work for the power to keep those megawatts flowing. I did, however get to party some last night(got in at two!). No flannel pjs and ping pong balls(I won't ask!), or broken champagne glasses, but we had a good time, and I have the hangover to prove it.
Posted By: English man

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/02/01 01:17 AM

Greeting from alway in england 2 all that know me happy new year and im back in the summer can't wait to get from this cold weather again!!
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/02/01 03:43 AM

Happy New Year to everyone in AC, and of course to all in the "frozen wasteland" we call N. America.

I read your posts and have to agree, snow sucks!!! It has finally stopped and I am sitting here in Toronto. It is -12C or in the parlance of the U.S. of A. about +12F. Truly a warm day today up from 0F and sunny.

Wish I were in AC but business calls and I must go to Grenada on Friday for a couple of weeks. Its a dirty job but someone has to do it...... Today was 87F.

Maybe I can get to AC later in the year. Miss all my friends and wish you all a great New Year.

Posted By: Marietta

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/02/01 04:04 AM

I'm in San Pedro wearing a jacket. A cold front came in. The wind is blowing out of the north and it must be... heck... wind chill of 65 degrees or so.

I'm off to BC's to get blown by cold air while having a non-alcoholic drink.

You all sent it this way, didn't you! :-D
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/02/01 04:40 AM

Sorry Marietta,

I had enough trouble keeping warm here. Had no intention of sending weather there.

Say a big hello to Charlene and Bruce from Jim (Sandcrab) in Toronto. I would very much like a One Barrel and Ginger with the usual banter.

Posted By: MamaLiz

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/02/01 05:49 AM

Well Jim, if you're leaving the country, who's going to buy me a drink in Toronto this week-end?
I'm heading up from the Detroit area to take my kids to see Lion King, eat at the CN Tower and stay in a hotel with an indoor pool. It's not Belize, but it keeps us from turning into the Donner Party.
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/02/01 06:28 AM

Hope you all have a good time in TO. I'll have a Mount Gay Rum and Ginger, and toast you Mama, but it will be on Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. The thought is what counts...right?

Posted By: caribbean soul

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/02/01 08:05 PM

I didn't forget about JJ Walker,...hope to catch him somewhere next week. I'm a Buffett fan by heart But Like JJ too.
As for Grand Anse Beach Grenada IT'S GREAT,..just have to pay that crazy little man to pose for a picture and sing you a song so he'll leave you alone and fend off all the ladies selling spices. Beautiful place!!!!!
Counting the days till A.C., have to drag my way through the work week and the SNOW. Hey,...we may get above freezing by the end of the week.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/03/01 04:51 AM

Hi Little Miss Sifting Sands and everyone: I'm sorry to hear of yo travails in the frozen tundra of Pepsicola, Florida. Ya sound like yo in High School, sittin in the John smokin (something), with the vent on to the max. I guess some people never grow up. PS. My friend Collin and Cathy are at Laguna Punta and they says that my place was the only place "spared". Glad I had dat blessin. I'm still tinkin mid to late January in San Pedro. Later. Bill
Posted By: Chloe

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/03/01 05:57 AM

Hey Bill, Happy New Year to you.
Glad your place was spared, it pays to live right.
Happy to hear you will be going to San Pedro this month.
Sandshaker will be happy to be back there too
Have Fun.
Posted By: Belize Mama

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! - 01/03/01 07:34 PM

Happy New Year everyone!!!...also from frozen Pensacola....this 20 to 30 degree weather is gettin' old REAL fast. I'm not used to it either. Most Christmases we have our air-conditioning on...this year we were "LUCKY" enough to save on the power....LOL

San Pedro is lookin' better each passing moment. Hope to be there later this year...soon as rick knows if he is retiring this year or not.

A great big BRRRRRR!!!! to all in San Pedro.
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