Hurricane damage

Posted By: Mike the Cat

Hurricane damage - 01/26/01 08:40 PM

I believe I read here that there was some hurricane damage at Belize, or maybe San Pedro. I vacationed at Bon Aire about 3 months after hurricane Lenny (?) hit the island, and the place was just recovering and the folks there were sullen and damn near 85% of the dive sites were ruined and in general it wasn't what we expected...I guess caveat emptor should've been my guide, but I just didn't think to ask. So, has there been any hurricane damage in Belize, and if so how extensive was it? Thanks for your help.

Jerrico - well, I guess it has something to do with not wanting to find the same situation I stumbled into at Bon Aire. I don't expect to find a small duplicate of the States in Belize, I just don't want to find another Bon Aire. Caveat emptor. And, it doesn't look or sound as though there is much of a problem there. I've had the place in the back of my mind for years....I wonder if it's possible to retire there? I can explore that idea once I get there! Anyway, thanks for your response.

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Posted By: papashine

Re: Hurricane damage - 01/26/01 09:15 PM

We had a lot of damage, but most all is looking good as new, no sullen people here, everyone is in a good mood, comes from living in paradise. Come on down, the diving is great and the parties never stop.
Posted By: Jericco

Re: Hurricane damage - 01/26/01 09:28 PM

Mike...if you want the States, stay home. I'm sorry if that sounds really nasty and I don't mean it as such, but if you are going to worry about all of the things you list...why leave the States?
Posted By: MaryTom

Re: Hurricane damage - 01/28/01 12:41 AM

I agree Jericco, "Mike the Cat" you need to relax, you'll find have more to worry about in California and Florida than you do Belize.
Take a deep breath, and adventure or go to Florida.
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