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Posted By: BeerBudget

Long Time no Post - 01/27/01 10:28 PM

Hey Jane! Is ChooChoo still around?

I was just talking about AC with a friend who's headed there in May. I'll tell her to get on the board -- I'm sure all you guys will be hospitable as usual.

Posted By: Chloe

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/28/01 06:33 AM

WOW Beerbudget, where have you been?
We have missed you, good to see you back.

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/28/01 05:05 PM


WHERE have you been girl? Probably keeping pretty busy fleecing those corporate clients. We did however lift a toast to you and MR. BB during Christmas dinner at BC's. Then we "toasted" all the others, one beverage at a time. Whew! what a job that was.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/28/01 07:40 PM

HI BEERBUDGET !!! nice to hear from you. our picture was a big hit on the board (the one from BC's) if you want to view it, check out:


hope you had nice holidays. i guess after Keith, you decided not to pick up and move to AC, huh? are you guys watching temptation island?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/28/01 07:41 PM

oops, //
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/29/01 05:50 PM

Hi Beer Budget! We sure have missed you. Good to hear from you again. Any up coming trips to San Pedro??????

Ah Chooch!!! All the newbies to the board will now get to see your infamous pig shirt. I love it! [Linked Image]

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/29/01 09:06 PM

We leave next week for a little sailing in the British Virgin Islands, and SWMBO has informed me that the "pig" shirt will NOT be allowed to be a part of my Caribbean wardrobe for the trip.

She feels that what is appropriate for the sophisticated tastes of San Pedro is still not quite up to the standards of a bunch of tight assed Limeys. I mean, this is pretty heady "fashion du jour" stuff for a gal whose family is from Fist Fight, Kentucky!

Posted By: Chloe

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/29/01 11:04 PM

Choochoo, you watch it now, I am with SWMBO
because I am from Fist Fight Ky too. LOL
"no pig shirts allowed"

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/30/01 12:07 AM


She has actually stashed the shirt (so much for "letting" her do the laundry). She is, however, unaware that I now have a very lovely baseball cap (new) that is a mini version of said shirt but with multiple porcine images. I'm saving it expressly for the real BVI tight asses, the American Amway group that holds most of Peter Island. (They request "casual but elegant island attire" on a sign at the marina. Ha!)

P.S.---Don't get any ideas, she's "computer challanged", and only gets to the message board when I take her by dainty Kentucky hand and show it to her. Of course since it is almost all text and not pictures I also read it to her. Ouch!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/30/01 02:00 AM

tsk, tsk.
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/30/01 02:06 AM

Choo, you had best keep a few of those Blue drinks close at hand just in case SWMBO does read your post. You will need the ability to become invisable.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/30/01 03:14 AM


Hubby had a shirt that I did not approve of, and I kept hiding it, but he finally found all my hiding place, so it met with an unfortunate accident. "So sorry"

Note, he is never on this message board, it would take too much time aways from those cyrstal clear martinis.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/30/01 04:30 PM

I have a history of hidden and/or destroyed t-shirts also... must be a wife thing. In my frequent strikes (I'm from a UAW/Union family) where I refused to do laundry for anyone else in this house. Douglas.. my husband, as a protest my husband wore his Nutty Buddy T-shirt under his dress shirt to work (I forgot to inspect him b4 leaving the house that morning) because he didn't have any clean white t-shirts. (Got some razzing from that one at the company Christmas party) When he got home from work I threw a hissy fit and tore it off of him... caused such a negative reaction from him that I ended up zigzag sewing it back together, for fear of impending death. It remains in infamy in his t-shirt drawer and is worn on those infrequent (frequent) occasions when I am unruly as a homage to male power. Next time its just going to "disappear" like matching socks do in the wash.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/30/01 04:56 PM

Chooch, LMAO and *grinning*
Can't wait to see a picture of the hat!! It should be a big hit with the Limeys. I promise.... They won't "get it". Never do. Have odd senses of humor......
As for hubby, the only shirt I ever hid was one of his coonass shirts. Yes, hubby is cajun. It was numerous cartoons of alligators "doing it" in every conceivable position!!! Most disgraceful... Of course, his favorite. Where do you guys get this stuff????? *shaking head*

Re: Long Time no Post - 01/30/01 05:04 PM

Hah! Just found out she has an art exhibit this weekend. Give me the time and I will find the shirt! It goes in the bottom of the small carryon, along with the obligatory flask of blue curacao.
Posted By: BeerBudget

Re: Long Time no Post - 02/01/01 05:42 AM

It's good to be home on the Belize message board.

Jane: I love your pictures. You guys are so cute. Yep -- reality got the best of me when we returned from beautiful San Pedro. I decided to tough it out in the work-a-day world here in Houston until I can semi-retire like ChooChoo. I have been watching Temptation Island (missed it tonight b/c I'm at work :-( ). I'm ashamed to say I'm hooked. I love to watch and say "Ohmgd - I've been there!!!"

ChooChoo: You're always flitting off somewhere -- I'm so jealous... How's your lovely wife? Do you have a new puppy yet? We have two fosterpups right now that I'd love to ship your way. My lab, Lizzie, enjoyed Christmas on the beach with us in Galveston -- mind you, it's not Belize -- but it'll do in a pinch.

You can take a girl away from the message board, but you can't take the message board out of the girl. (or something like that...)

Re: Long Time no Post - 02/01/01 04:38 PM


Great to hear from you again. Missed you guys at Christmas, we had presents and everything, but nobody showed.

SWMBO is just fine. She's having a bit of crisis trying to determine just what shade of red she wants her hair to be, but at her advanced age and mental state we go out of our way to humor her.

No puppy yet. J still can't bring herself to even say the name of our untimely departed goof ball, so it will be awhile yet. Thanks for remembering that.

We'll back in San Pedro the end of March first of April. Drop by and we'll bring the Christmas gifts. (Do you like the color blue?)

Take care and don't be a stranger.

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