this is for zeke

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this is for zeke - 02/13/01 01:24 AM

Zeke's buddy was puzzled that he was so nonchalant after he saw Mrs. zeke with another guy (suzie's brother). "you love her, saw her with another guy, and didnt knock him down?"
"i'm waiting" says zeke.
"waiting for what?"
"waiting to catch her with a smaller guy" zeke replies.

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Re: this is for zeke - 02/13/01 01:28 AM

suzie took her aunt to the doctor. "we're here for an exam, suzie said.
"fine" said the doctor. "step behind the curtain and disrobe."
"the exam is for my aunt" suzie replied.
"oh i see," said the doctor. "in that case,madam, just stick out your tongue".
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Re: this is for zeke - 02/13/01 01:31 AM

last one:

it was a beautiful sunday afternoon and Mrs. zeke was mowing the lawn while zeke lounged in a chair drinking a belikin, watching her. the nosey lady next door (me) yells over the fence,"look at you, you ought to be hung!"

zeke smiles and replies "i am madam, that's why she's willing to mow the lawn."
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Re: this is for zeke - 02/13/01 05:30 PM

LMAO!!! Jane, the last one is priceless!! I just love it. Can't wait to hear Big Zeke's comment. Glad to see you rise to the occasion and give Zeke a taste of his style of humor!! Go Girl! [Linked Image]
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Re: this is for zeke - 02/13/01 05:32 PM

OMG to the 3rd one. That was funny.
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