JANEINPA - 02/18/01 08:52 PM

Yes Jane I(TM)- had a wonderful time EVERYTHING YOU PEOPLE TOLD ME ON CHAT ROOM RIGHT ON.hope to go again someday will definitely go back to San Pedro hope to see ya on chat again and ill tell u bout it
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: JANEINPA - 02/20/01 12:03 AM

hey tm! i forgot you were you!! i'm glad it went well. being out of the freezing cold had to be a step in the right direction! if you want to tell me of your trip or chat, you can e-mail me at

[email protected]

no one is ever in the chat room when i go anymore. i gave up.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: JANEINPA - 02/21/01 04:38 AM


Re: JANEINPA - 02/21/01 12:20 PM

Jane will write tonite on our time when i get home from work TM
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: JANEINPA - 02/21/01 11:01 PM

you know i will be here!

Re: JANEINPA - 02/22/01 12:27 AM

Hi Jane the vacation went very well the first few days were choppy on the water so we biked to town,or took taxis- looked at shops bought some tshirts and bugged SS for the 1st few days we then went to shark ray and hol chan that tour was fantastic we got some great underwater shots!the only other tour we did was altun ha that was pretty cool.The food gee where to begin we loved bc`s bbq on the beach ,Jambels was mmmmmm we also like sweet basil quite a bit ,and the burger i had from a nite vendor was awesome Sandshaker brought us to that place very good! And of course we went to cannibals quite often with SS-PLACE WAS AWESOME HOPE TO GO BACK SOMEDAY PS- WHEN MY GF GOES THRU HER JOURNAL I WILL WRITE A DETAILED SUMMARY INSTEAD OF THIS JUMBELED STUFF!! [Linked Image]
Posted By: Chloe

Re: JANEINPA - 02/23/01 11:37 AM

Sorry the chatroom has been empty Jane, but most of us were out on the town in San Pedro.
We fully intended to come into the chatroom one night, but we could not take the time away from our partying.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: JANEINPA - 02/24/01 05:48 AM

i knew you were there too chloe! tm, just glad you had fun.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: JANEINPA - 02/24/01 09:00 PM

Jane, on your next trip, you will have to stay in San Pedro, so you can visit with all the board and chatroom people, it is a hoot.
You will enjoy meeting all of them, and some of the colorful local people too. I did not have one boring minute. I walked everywhere,
and felt very safe. The streets have more lighting now, than before Keith.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: JANEINPA - 02/25/01 07:04 PM

yes, chloe, yes yes yes. i wish sooo that i had known more folks when i was last there. should have spent more time with ss, and should have checked out skinny. next time. frank could care less, of course, but who needs him!! i'm still working on him for june. "but it's debbie's bithday" i keep whining. he hasn't actually said no yet...
Posted By: Axeman

Re: JANEINPA - 02/25/01 07:12 PM

Where is this "Chat room" you all are talking about? Can you post a link?
Thanks all...
Posted By: Debbie

Re: JANEINPA - 02/26/01 09:01 PM

If Frank hasn't "officially" said NO yet, then there is still a chance.... Did you leave the Caribbean Travel magazines on the coffee table and near his computer like I said???? Pour him a beer in one those Belikin glasses. Put together a collection of San Pedro pictures in a frame and present it to him for Easter or something. I will literaly croak if you're not there for my birhtday!!!!! Use your charms and power of persuasion for heavens sake!! [Linked Image]
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: JANEINPA - 02/26/01 09:18 PM

ha ha debbie, you would have loved what i did do: i was in bed with a cold this weekend. on sunday afternoon, i put in my 1993 video. we had taped all the cool things we did in cayo, and a AC golf cart tour with another couple. it was HYSTERICAL!!! f came in about an hour into it, and was smiling. i said " yeah, i'd like to see other places too, but Belize has all i need in a vacation>" he didnt say anything. we had such a wonderful 10 days that year. if i came again, i would hit the mainland again for sure.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: JANEINPA - 02/26/01 11:49 PM

You done good girlfriend!!!! Keep it up. We'll break him if it kills us..... [Linked Image]
Posted By: Debbie

Re: JANEINPA - 02/27/01 07:25 PM

You sound like me. LOL at being pumped for June. I say, "Go for it!" Would LOVE for you to be there. Share notes with Jane and be ruthless with the enticement. Dan may just come around. You never know. My husband told me we weren't going on vacation either this year. He had a particularly bad day at work. I gave him a beer in a Belikin glass, handed him the Caribbean Travel magazine and turned Bob Marley on the stereo. Worked like a charm. Had my tickets within two weeks. [Linked Image] I'm not a cute little pixi like Jane either. She should have an easier time. How could Frank refuse her??????? She's adorable. Plus I offered to help with the taxes. (reciepts and stuff)so we could get our return back faster and afford it. That seemed to help as well. Hubby scowls and grinds his teeth during this time. USE THOSE GOD GIVEN CHARMS GIRLS!!!!! [Linked Image]


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