Exotic Caye Resort

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Exotic Caye Resort - 02/20/01 08:53 PM

The husband and I are arriving AC on 2/26. Rez are at Exotic Caye Ressort/Playador. Any comments?
I am bringing gum, candy, small school supplies as gifts for the children. Do you think I will have any problems doing this?
Thanks, and hope to meet you all soon.
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Re: Exotic Caye Resort - 02/20/01 09:08 PM


My husband and I will be arriving 3/1 and staying at Paradise Villas. I too am bringing treats and small treasures for the children as well as treats for the pets that roam around. I'm a big softy for kids and pets. From comments I've read in the past it doesn't sound like there will any problems in doing this so stuff your bag to your hearts content.
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Re: Exotic Caye Resort - 02/20/01 10:43 PM

certainly this is the less expensive way to go. last week, i sent a box down to my buddy the JE plumber, for his kids. just candies and little toys, and the postage was, get this, $36 US for $10 worth of crap! oh well, i paid it. it is probably as much as he makes in a week. it is the least we ugly americans can do, and it means so much to the children. you should have seen their faces when i gave them each an orange tictac!!
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