Estel's Mug

Posted By: dphil56

Estel's Mug - 02/22/01 04:10 PM

When I was on AC in Jan., I purchased a couple of mugs from Estel's, and they turned out to be one of my favorite "bring-backs". I would really like to obtain a couple more. If anyone is willing to bring 2 more back with them, when they return, and ship them to me, I will send them the money for the mugs(5 Belize, I think), plus the shipping cost. My email address is: [email protected] I really wish I could go get them myself, but that is impossible at this time!!
Thanks to anyone that can help!
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Re: Estel's Mug - 02/22/01 05:13 PM

We will be seeing quite a bit of Estel end of March - Apr 9. If you can wait that long we can bring you mugs!

Belize it!
Posted By: dphil56

Re: Estel's Mug - 02/22/01 05:36 PM

I can wait! Thank you so much!!!!!

Re: Estel's Mug - 02/22/01 06:31 PM

Where are you staying Mar-Apr? (Or have we gone through this before?)
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Estel's Mug - 02/22/01 11:35 PM

Haven't seen any Mugs, but I got mugged there this morning. I get alot of that.
Posted By: margarita

Re: Estel's Mug - 02/28/01 05:57 PM

We are staying at the Conch Shell, Our home away from home for years.
Can we find you with those blue things when we are there Mar 28 - Apr 9?

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Re: Estel's Mug - 02/28/01 06:36 PM

Wearing one? No. Holding one, ah yes. Even got my 22 y/o to have a couple over Christmas in AC. He said it was a life altering experience, but I'm not sure if that was postive.

As usual we will be making a nuisance of ourselves just south of the barge landing. Although we get there alone several times a year, this trip we have 5 other couples (including 6 newbies). A mob of Hoosiers like that is not hard to spot, but generally pretty easy to avoid if circumstances warrant ( and they will).


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Re: Estel's Mug - 02/28/01 08:45 PM

I found out yesterday that blue is orange! No Problem! I might just try one of those blue drinks yet! I imagine we could find you on Sunday at BC's BarBQ, if not before at BC's, Estel's or Fido's?
I don't know this barge landing off hand - just the public dock downtown by the park.
Is it south by banana beach or where?

Re: Estel's Mug - 02/28/01 09:29 PM

'bout the only regulars you left out were the Hideaway, the Palapa, Coconuts, and Cannibals.

Just hard betwixt Coconuts and Caribbean Villas. Three other couples with us, plus two couples stashed at Caribbean Villas and another couple at Coconuts.

Yes, it is a citrus product.
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