Fish Food Question...

Posted By: Axeman

Fish Food Question... - 03/24/01 03:52 AM

I know some of you are gonna squeal about this, but...
"If" you were gonna feed the Rays and Nurse Sharks...what would you use?
I've tried sardines in some places to get them in picture range, even used Cat food one time..ok you can stop laughing now..
If this is a no no..let me know.
Thanks all
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Fish Food Question... - 03/24/01 08:04 AM

i believe the dive shop can supply you, or sell it to you. i saw it on the boat. i'm pretty sure they like to stay within some guidelines of what they allow. hope someone else knows for sure.
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Fish Food Question... - 03/30/01 03:00 PM

still looking for feedback on this....comeing soon...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Fish Food Question... - 03/30/01 03:02 PM

why dont you go to the home page and look up some of the dive operations. they might have an email address you can send to.
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