Orionhunters Wish List

Posted By: Sunkissed

Orionhunters Wish List - 03/29/01 01:16 AM

Here's her list:
1.) 2 Cartons of Camel 99's
2.) 2 24 oz Equate Moisterizing cleanser (Walmart)
3.) 2 6 oz Equate "Oil of Beauty" (Walmart)
4.) 1 32 oz Tresemme' revitalizing color care shampoo (Walmart)I've also seen this at Target.
5.) 1 16oz Volumax styling gel @ Sally's Beauty Supply.
6.) 1 10 oz Tresemme' European Tres Spray
7.) Blades for Gilette razor (Sensor I think, white strip at top, 2 blades underneath).
8.) 2 Bottles Echenacea (sp?) Any Brand
9.) Cinnamon colored nail enamel. Doesn't need to be expensive.

From Kurt (Orion's boyfriend)
1.) Mens Dockers 33waist 30 inseam. Spend no more than $30 U.S.
2.) Size 11 1/2 - 12 Namebrand Sneakers - lowtops, no more than $70.00 U.S.
3.) Diablo II Expansion Set.

So, if any of you going here shortly have a little extra room in you luggage, Orion would really appreciate any of the above items. And it's only money out of your pocket for a short while because you get reimbursed as soon as you deliver the goodies. But remember, if anyone purchases any of these items, you need to reply here and let us know which ones to cross off. They were wanting a good volleyball (couldn't find one there) so we bought one last weekend and will get it in the mail in the next couple of days. So go, have fun and play volleyball with them when you deliver whatever you brought. Thanks everyone, your great!!
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 03/29/01 02:43 AM

oh my god i have to go now. i am a volleyball fanatic always looking for a game. i play every week. (picture that, i'm 5 feet tall!). played with the local kids at paradise villas last year, couldnt find anyone else to play with.

we should copy this info onto the threads of people going soon. wadda ya think?
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 03/29/01 11:51 PM

I'd be MORE than happy to help, but not going until June. Can they wait until June for a few of these things??? I brought plus size clothes for a local last year, and it was not trouble at all. Kind of fun actually. Apparently, there is a severe lack of large size woman's clothes...... (New business idea???) Let me know if June is to late.
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/02/01 08:20 PM

I'm going in a month. Do we just bring the stuff to Canibal's? I'll look over the list and see what kind of room I have then let you know what I can handle.
Posted By: kathyw

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/03/01 11:30 PM

We will be on the island April 26th. thru May 18th. We can bring the smokes, we quit smoking, so we can bring both cartons without a problem in customs. Let us know what else is needed immediately and will bring them down. We come down every three or four months and always have a little extra room for neccesities.
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/04/01 08:31 PM

You gals are great!! Just take whatever you can and yep, you just take it to Canibals. I do believe on Sunday's they are closed though. Debbie you could probably bring whatever you wanted from the list, because by June she'll be out of it and will be needing more. Make sure and give her a hug and hello from me. Oh..... you could also take a bag of candy for her son Ryan. He's 18 but enjoyed the candy as much as the children I handed it out too. But make him give you a kiss on the cheek for payment.

Welcome home Hope! My report is out there. It's called Paradise Withdrawls. Jane said it made her head hurt to read it, but it's hard to get everything in. And I still left plenty out. Take Care!
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/05/01 01:05 AM

Picked up the 2 cartons of smokes today. I found Docker golf shorts at Costco for $12.99 plus tax, however they only have waist sizes and no inseam. Are these the right kind? If so, the colors are olive and kaki. Let me know and I will pick them up.
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/05/01 01:28 AM

my hubby no longer fits into his 33x30's. they are sitting on a shelf. i wonder if they would take a few used pairs of long dockers?? sunkissed?? any idea?
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/05/01 01:53 AM

I think Kurt was talking about Docker pants Kathy, you know 31" inseam. Either that or he's really, really tall for that to be a pair of shorts. LOL (just josh'n with ya). You know Jane that's probably not a bad idea. Kurt doesn't seem like the kinda guy to be offended by something like that. Nothing wrong with hand-me-downs when they still look great! Maybe you could get Kathy's addy and send them to her. Certainly cheaper than sending directly to Belize. Sent the volleyball and pump to them on Saturday. Holy crow, talk about postal rape!! I guess they know they have you by the short and curly's when you're sending something there.
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/05/01 03:16 AM

I've got the Diablo 2 set...if ya can find a burner you can get a copy..otherwise you can have it no there 18 april at coconuts
Posted By: kathyw

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/05/01 05:02 PM

Da. I had shorts on my mind thinking of the warm climate. Wasn't even thinking. Jane if you want to mail those pants to me,I would be happy to take them for you. My E Mail is [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/05/01 08:24 PM

kathy - let me see if i can still go in june. if not, i will do that. and i'll check out the condition of them first.

axeman - we have a burner. hubby said some games can be copied, others can't. do you ever play games on-line? do you like other games? frank is a big gamer. our faves are UNREAL tournament (the coolest), warcraft 2 and he likes age of empires. he also does the WWII fighter planes thing. just wondering.
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/06/01 05:42 AM

Jane...if you only should I start...
Well here goes...Got into computers after a rather serious back injury(surgery on L4L5)
Took the settlement money went to pc my MCSE and A+ certs..then came the game world...I fly in an online Squadron "The 44TH FS" named after a Real WWII Squadron..200 people all intent on shooting each other down..I even go to the conventions every year and meet my targets and Hang with my Squadies...
The game is Warbirds...kinda pricey but if your looking for the most realistic flight profile and action, this one's the Best.
Also Avid Age of Empires player (Conquest, the new one)
I try to stay on top of most of the new ones to keep from being board.
Newest is a Half-Life modifacation called Counter-Strike...Much like Delta Force and other multiplayer games. Terrorists on one side Counter-T's on the other. Different missions..and after you buy the disk online playing is free. Already close to 10000+ servers being run by guys who just love the game.
I also got VERY involved in one called Terra Battle for Mars(online only)...I play mostly to meet the people...some of most interesting ever...Real Life friends now...
I plan on bring all my Disks to the AC to share with those who might want to try them.
I refuse to ship my PC to AC...I work on Computers all day and this vacation will force me to give it a break. New Technology facinates me...

Only one I never really got into was Quake...that one just frustrated me. Too much action no purpose.

My online names are of course Axeman, AKA Evil AX in counterstrike..and Terra..I had to give Terra up as I had too many accounts on different games and was costing to much in time and money.
Plus during the summers here in Va I like to rebuild Old Trucks and Cars...just another passion of mine...Working on a 84 F-250 Ford 4X4 right now...gonna be a nasty, wicked ride when I get done...I sell it and find another next year. Ahh the thrill of the Chase...13 days and counting...
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/06/01 05:22 PM

ha! frank wouldnt be caught dead working on a truck, but he LOVES sitting here with his flight stick, throttle & rudder pedals!!

he is an oracle data warehouse archetect by trade. also involved in java now. we are outside phila.

his age of empires is II, is also conquerers. he thinks this board & these people (us) are rediculous, but if you ever want to play him on line in A of E, let me know. he likes a good competitor. we also have half-life (which he really liked), but not the new one. he flys european air war. and that helicopter one...i forget the name. where you fly apache's. another is Enemy Engaged. he was just reading a 'zine called PC Pilot out of europe. know it?

Unreal is still my favorite. even my 6 yr old daughter likes to kick ass online with that one!! "dad, dad, i got the really BIG gun!" her sweet little voice yells. "i killed 12 guys". very cute. unreal II is due out this summer. and need for speed is cool too.

nice chatting with you. wish i was going in 13 days. drat!
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/06/01 05:26 PM

oh, is terra battle like Mech-warriors? he like that one. the counter strike one he's familliar with but hasnt played it. he subscribes to PC gamer, and used to get PC accelerator, before it went defunct.
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/06/01 08:52 PM

Jane, he can get Counter-Strike for free if he goes to Http://
Tell him to make SURE he loads the correct version as it can be very confuseing. No harm will be done if ya load the wrong one, just won't work.
Terra is almost exclusively Tanks..building Forts, attacking other players stuff. Takes a major investment in time to learn and do well...oldtimers will make mince meat of you ...
Tell him to drop my name if he decides to play it...many will know me...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/06/01 09:01 PM

his gaming name is usually moad-dib (ya know, from dune). and thanks for the tip.
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/14/01 08:37 PM

Did Kurt (orions boyfriend) get Diablo2 yet...I'm bringing it with me along with all my other in town on Wed...will get to cannibals as soon as I can.
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/16/01 11:03 PM

axeman, i think they only still do breakfast & lunch. i highly recommend walking over in the morning for a yummy breakfast burrito & coffee, and sit and eat with your toes in the sand. then, man, you are really in bz.
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/17/01 01:05 AM

Axeman, you might just become Kurt & Ryan's hero for bringing that Diablo2. Thanks for doing this! And they do serve dinner now, they started doing this sometime before we got there in March. Tell the three of them hello for me and the volleyball is in the mail! Thanks Rhonda
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/17/01 01:07 AM

Thanks Rhonda!!!!
Btw, ever live in Hilton Head? I met a Rhonda there WHO loved Belize....was it you?
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/17/01 01:31 AM

That all depends......If you had a great time, of course it was me! If not, well then it would have to be a different Rhonda. But on a true note, it wasn't me, I'm a west coast girl. But damn, if you did have a good time I wish it were me....can we pretend? I mean I do love Belize! LOL

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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/17/01 04:37 AM

Speaking of bringing down Software:

I'll be in AC from May 11th to the 20th and could bring down a copy of just about any business software app out there. I work as a PM for a large Tech company ( you all know who it is, three letters, don't be blue) I do not advocate the unauthorized copying or distribution of licensed s/w, but I could bring s/w down for "evaluation" by anyone who needs it.

just reply here as if i give my email address it'll give away my employment secret.
Posted By: diann

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/17/01 07:06 AM

oh phillytodd.. ya gave away your undercover cover in a previous msg!!!! how else could us blondes ever guess... i mean, what's wit da 3 letter thingy??!?!?! lol....
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/17/01 01:41 PM

Yes, she stole my heart...but Belize had hers...
This was close to 5 years ago and all she ever talked about was her next trip to Belize.
Silly me..took me 5 years to discover what this wise woman already knew! She is a real cutie, very petit and athletic...into kayaking BIG TIME...think she married some body builder wannabe WWF Wrestler. He towered over her 5'4 frame. Stupid as a rock I did'nt feel so bad about loseing her. I ended up moveing back to Wash DC after that affair...Later all
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/17/01 04:36 PM

philly todd, my hubby works in town as an oracle data warehousing architect. he is at 15th & market. you know, at the big clothespin. where is your building?
Posted By: phillytodd

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/17/01 07:14 PM


my business card says my office is in west chester, pa but I've never been there. I travel nationwide mon-thurs and work from my home office ( we call it the cave of knowledge) on fridays and weekends when I have to. I really like the freedom that telecommuting gives me.. i can work from anywhere, even AC. as a matter of fact, i'll be bringing my laptop and billing my client for some hours while i'm down there. i'm an early riser ( even hung over) and i like to wake up early before my girlfriend and catch up on emails and action items.
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Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/26/01 10:55 PM

Just bringing this to the top! Talked to Denverdan (Hope) yesterday and she had talked to Orion and she still would appreciate anything anyone could bring. Kathy should be arriving today with the package she took. Thanks everyone!
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/28/01 01:37 AM

WOW....I'm impressed!

No problem [Linked Image]

If we miss each me.

Work: 4223 Cell: 016-9232
Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/30/01 05:32 AM

Hope -

Was at Target last night doing some last minute shopping for our trip. Brought the Orionhunters Wish List along and picked up:

1) Tresemme' European Tres Spray
2) Sensor blades
3) Tresemme' color care shampoo
4) 1 bottle of Echinacea
5) Cinnamon colored nail enamel

Will drop these off on Thursday or Friday of this week [Linked Image]

Posted By: Axeman

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 04/30/01 03:06 PM

K&L..she will absolutly LOVE you...I thought by the time I got down someone else would have brought that one did...Good For You!!!! You'll have a friend for life!
Jan's a Sweetheart!!!! Great place to hang out
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Orionhunters Wish List - 05/01/01 12:06 AM

Thanks so much! You all are so awesome! You're right Axeman, she is quite the sweetheart and she will so appreciate all of you for doing this for her. We had a great time with them while we were there. Did you give her a hug and hello from me?
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