home again

Posted By: jCalise

home again - 05/02/01 03:43 AM

We have been home a week but we are still on Belize time, and trying to do without shoes! Tough to do in a Maine classroom. We stayed at Banana Beach Resort. Nice place. The staff could not have been nicer. We snorkled, went to Mayan ruins,sailed a Hobie, and drank our share of Bellikin. Some of you like to laze around...we love to be on the go. We found lots to do on AC. Also discovered there is no such thing as a slow boat in the waters around AC. Sorry we missed the bbq but next time we will search it out. Has anybody seen Leonard of the Sea Wolf wearing my Beach to Beacon t-shirt? He showed a us a great day of snorkling. What about an early retirement on AC?
Posted By: denverdan

Re: home again - 05/02/01 05:45 AM

I don't know Leonard!...sorry...but glad you had a great trip!
Should I look him up when we go? Daaa ya think he will wearing that T?
It would be great if you could share a longer trip report!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: home again - 05/02/01 03:09 PM

lots and lots of info regarding retirement to BZ throughout this board or just do a search good luck
Posted By: Axeman

Re: home again - 05/03/01 02:34 AM

Hope, did you ever get your PC fixed?
Posted By: denverdan

Re: home again - 05/03/01 03:08 AM

Nope, it's in Maggies room. We use (I use) Annies now and it's starting to do some of the same things. Not kernal 32 but kernal...DANG, I can't find my notes! She has windows ME so, I just don't know...
Will e-mail you when we get home (and I don't want to come home already!) I know you know the feeling!
Hey, can you do a trip to Colorado? Airfare and R&B paid!!! You just have to bring the Belikins and fix these stupid things!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Axeman

Re: home again - 05/03/01 03:16 AM

I'm in VA now..and could really use a belikin right about now!!!!As far as the trip..I'd love to!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: home again - 05/03/01 04:14 AM

hey hope...are ya flying us all to your place for a party??? airfare & chow included?? excellent!!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: home again - 05/03/01 04:16 AM

oh, as to the retirement thing, did you see my post "point of interest" from the other day? that is what it is about.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: home again - 05/03/01 05:34 AM

Yep! Just like Thanksgiving at your place Jane!
Hope you'll be here!

I will e-mail you upom our return.
Too cool!
Posted By: diann

Re: home again - 05/03/01 06:42 AM

hey Axeman...
if you come to denver you'll have to take me out and show me how ya painted the town, AC style [Linked Image] oh, and bring your pix!!!
Posted By: Axeman

Re: home again - 05/10/01 01:41 PM

Diann..if I come to Co...your the one buying and show me how they paint the town!!!
Co style!!!!!
I've never been there...
Balls in your court!!!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: home again - 05/10/01 04:51 PM

is diann paying the airfare for all of us? i have a friend with a condo in vail. is that nearby? will diann babysit my kids????
Posted By: diann

Re: home again - 05/11/01 07:37 AM

Hey Axester.... bring it on baby!!! i just hope you can hang wit me.....been known to go all nite!! just gimme a weeks notice so's i can warn everyone lol.....yep, we'd have too much fun, dats for sure. maybe you'd better visit hope and dan first; you'll be a little worn out by the time we're done babe!! HEY.....i ain't tawking dat way guys!!! sheesh.... but ya know, the more i think bout colorado, we might just wanna head to vegas land; they know how to go all nite dere!! ps axester... now dats my kinda court dude!!!

oh, janie janie janie....sure; why......... NOT!!!!! lol....
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: home again - 05/11/01 09:33 PM

Janie...Vail's only 1 1/2 - 2 hrs and about 5 thousand vertical feet from here. You'll love the affects of altitude on your alcohol consumption!
Axe...hate to burst your bubble, but Diann was the FIRST to bug out last time we all got together!!! But a "Wanna be in AC" reunion in CO is a great idea! Summers here are awesome and there's PLENTY of things to see and do despite what diann from brrrland says [Linked Image]. When she poops out, we'll let her babysit for all...then we'll go grab some beers together...maybe a Rockies game, too!
Word of caution folks...if you get to missin' AC and just HAFTA jump in the water...remember, the water here is mountain runoff! At the very least, it'll sober you up some!
Posted By: Axeman

Re: home again - 05/13/01 03:58 PM

Sounds like shrinkage to me Matey!!!! the pumps...we be taking on water!!! you really think you can wear me need to read the tatoo on my back...but only in person...I will not email or post what it says...
If I went to CO..I'd have to take time out of my AC trip..and THAT ain't happenin'!!!!
You'll just have to come in OCT...thats the plan as of now..
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: home again - 05/14/01 07:47 PM

hmmmm. my swimming pool thermometer reads 87*. anyone?
now i'm dying to know what that tatoo says. maybe if he had only returned my phone call...
Posted By: Debbie

Re: home again - 05/14/01 08:44 PM

Can I assume you got the pool heater fixed? Frank and Dad must be engineering whiz kids.... Lucky you!!! Have fun.

Re: home again - 05/14/01 10:00 PM


87* ? I guess you are a hardy bunch in PA. SWMBO runs that part of the estate, and keeps it right at 92-94*

Looks like we may pop back down in mid-late June after all. SWMBO's getting antsy to dive, and we also want to do something nice for Mom who just has had a long time friend taken to a hospice.

MB's been interesting from time to time but still a bit vapid. Nothing like the good ol' days of "glue from the post-it-notes" or "alien/UFO" sightings at the Hideaway.

Say "hi" to Frank and tell him to get the pool heated up.

Posted By: Debbie

Re: home again - 05/15/01 12:02 AM

Choo Choo!!

Oh my gosh!!! Does this mean you will be there the same time I am??? I would be TOTALLY honored to toast to you and SWMBO with a tidy bowl drink. That would be a fantastic deal. Please try to be there at least a day or two at the same time....
Arriving June 9th leaving June 19th.... Keep me posted..... email me with news of your upcoming trip.
[email protected]
*wink* Debbie
Posted By: Debbie

Re: home again - 05/15/01 04:02 PM

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