When's the best time

Posted By: Quin

When's the best time - 05/29/01 08:48 PM


I've been planning a month long trip to Belize, and know what I want to do for the most part. Things like AC dives, Ian Tour packages, then more diving on AC etc(oh yah, a whole lot of lounging). The travel agent suggested October, but I am having doubts about this. When is the best time to vacation in Belize? Maybe some of the locals BigZeke can give me some good advice, and maybe a better travel agent? Thanks...
Posted By: KC

Re: When's the best time - 05/29/01 11:22 PM

Anyone know of a BAD time to visit AC? [Linked Image] Perhaps during a hurricaine would not be a great time. Other than that -- sometimes it's windy--sometimes it's rainy--sometimes there are bugs -- but it is always AC. Nuff said.

Seriously, maybe it would depend on what your main objective is. If it's to snorkle or dive, then I guess there would be the best times for that (the dive masters would have to answer that one). If you are going to fish for a certain fish, there is probably a best time for that (the fish guides could answer that one). If you just want to relax, have fun, and get away from the rat race, anytime is the best time.

Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: When's the best time - 05/30/01 05:56 PM

Actually, believe it or not, your travel agent was correct. I always recommended clients go in October if they could... the high season rates haven't kicked in yet... the mosquito season is pretty much over... the hurricane season is over... not as hot as in July, August and Sept... I could go on and on... short of it is... go in October and have a blast!

Re: When's the best time - 05/30/01 08:52 PM

Ditto October.
Posted By: Quin

Re: When's the best time - 06/01/01 06:02 PM

Wow, I didn't expect that. From talking to some of the tour guides, I was getting the impression nobody goes to Belize in October. I don't want to be in a crowd, but I don't want to be alone either and have to pay big bucks to do anything because I would be the only one. I am also hoping to meet some women to share a drink and the sunset in the evenings.

If you are planning a trip in October would you please reply so we can chat.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: When's the best time - 06/01/01 08:34 PM

rick & cheri will be there for birthdays and halloween. (hey cheri: mine's oct 26th!)
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: When's the best time - 06/03/01 06:59 AM

J...will you be on AC for your B-Day??? Yea...we go in July-very short trip and then THE BIG ONE...looking at Oct 28-nov 6...thru Halloween and beyond....lots of others are going, too! Axeman, you still on for this?? Lisa, Ramona, Wayne, Willie, Tammy It will be a party! Bill, GoldenGirls, casey, everrybnody....
Posted By: Axeman

Re: When's the best time - 06/04/01 01:15 PM

At this point, yes..I'm in..depends how the things here in Va work out...I'm already checking into a new Digital Sony underwater camera so I can take some great Pic's..I was sooo jealous of Idaho's pictures..He really is very wonder he was so bummed..he is looking for those once in a lifetime pictures....Got my underwater ones a great picture of a Nurse shark REAL close...soo cool...Will add them to the web page...whenever that happens
Posted By: Quin

Re: When's the best time - 06/04/01 04:39 PM

Well, Rick, Cheri, and Axeman; I'd like to say hi from Washington State. This is excellent news. I was starting to get images of me sitting in paradise drinking something with an umbrella in it and only haveing the bartender for company.
I'll have to make sure I'm there for Halloween. It didn't occur to me that Halloween would be a consideration in Belize. Do you guys get dressed up or just a good excuse to PARTY...
Posted By: Lisa

Re: When's the best time - 06/04/01 11:34 PM

I'm definitely in for October. My friend that I work with just got back from Belize and she is probably going to go back then also. I'm planning on getting in on Halloween and staying through Sunday, a quickie but I'm sure it will be a great time...looking forward to seeing you all again!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: When's the best time - 06/05/01 05:28 PM

halloween is a big deal for my kids, ages 4 & 6, and my daughter's bday is nov 8th, and i know she will be wanting a party. i would love to, but i don't know if the timing is right.

i'm still looking at next year.
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