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Bands - 06/15/01 05:58 PM

Will we find any live music June 21 - 28th? If so what kind and where? Are their any over 50 rock-n-roll types that jam on the island?
Posted By: margarita

Re: Bands - 06/15/01 07:05 PM

You should be able to find live music during your stay since San Pedro day festivities should be going on, see under holidays AC hompage. Usually bands play in Town Park for Festivals, also always local music too.
There are someover 50 rock-n-roll types that now live in San Pedro. I bet you would enjoy a stop at Estel's Dine by the Sea. Charlie has an awesome recording collection and loves to share his music knowledge. He played in a band when he first moved there.

Belize it!
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Re: Bands - 06/15/01 07:21 PM

Thanks! We'll check it out. My husband is a wonderful guitarist, and I'm afraid he'll go into withdrawals.

Anybody need grits so such from the South?
Posted By: margarita

Re: Bands - 06/15/01 07:27 PM

You can get your grits in San Pedro!

Re: Bands - 06/15/01 07:45 PM

For certain stop by and see Charlie Worthington at Estels. He was the drummer for a rock-n-roll cover style band that toured the southern US in the 70's. Still has his drums in San Pedro, and, as mentioned before, one of the largest collections of recorded music in BZ.

Also catch up with Barefoot. Sometimes on their Sunday sessions at the Palapa they will invite reasonably talented tourists to pitch in.
Posted By: Mamalikestogo

Re: Bands - 06/16/01 12:26 AM

That is really neat about Charlie. Russ also toured the South (and East Coast) in the 70's doing same stuff. Thanks for the input.
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Bands - 06/16/01 02:25 PM

Be prepared for a "looooong" visit when you see charlie!In fact i suggest you get there early in the day!......Richard
Oh, and by the way, if there is any way you can swing it you must do his "office" adventure. We wore out the restaurant help refilling the fridge upstairs,Maybe he has Belikin hard plumbed into the office by now!
Your husband being a musician will certianly get a long party going with Charlie!

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Re: Bands - 06/18/01 09:40 PM

Hey there,

I'm going to be down the 20th - July 6th. If you are going to be at BCs and the Palapa this Sunday, I'll look for you.
Posted By: Mamalikestogo

Re: Bands - 06/19/01 03:07 PM

Hi IslandGirl! I think we will be at the BC on Sunday. I see your from Atlanta as well! I'll be the one with two beautiful teenage girls and two 12 year old boys and an "old man". Can't wait - we leave less than 50 hours from now.....
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Bands - 06/19/01 07:12 PM

Okay, I'll look for you on Sunday - I'll be the short redhead with her hair up.

Posted By: Mamalikestogo

Re: Bands - 06/19/01 08:16 PM

Great we'll see ya then! Have a safe trip down!
Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Re: Bands - 07/04/01 09:25 PM

My evil brother "Pineapple Willie" is performing in my stead while I'm gone. He takes all players on too. So if you play, hook with him at Fido's
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