To Zeke

Posted By: Anonymous

To Zeke - 06/29/01 04:24 AM

Hey Zeke,
I think I will try to visit SA July 8-9 with my friend. Would like to stay at Conch House. Do they still have Reggae Sunday? Are those dates good for you?
Have you instructed your staff on Panty Rippers yet???
See you soon,
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: To Zeke - 06/29/01 03:21 PM

ibanole....there is still reggae there on Sunday and it will be really hopping on that weekend. Please stop by my restaurant and lunch for you and your friend is on me. My wife is an expert on making and drinking rippers so you will not be disappointed, I promise. If you want to email me please do so at [email protected] My restaurant is one mile north of Marineland right on the water. You can't miss it!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: To Zeke - 06/29/01 04:19 PM

Can I come too???? LOL
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: To Zeke - 06/29/01 05:14 PM

You are absolutely invited! St. Augustine is an amazing place! The Conch House is off the beaten path and is wonderful. I can hardly wait to meet Zeke and the Mrs. Butch will be in Wisconsin, so I need mini-trips to keep me busy and out of trouble.
But last time I went to Reggae Sunday, it got pretty intense.
Glad to hear from you.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: To Zeke - 06/29/01 07:19 PM

Well hell...if lunch is gonna be free, then count me in also... but does lunch really have to BE ON zeke? Could it be on like plates maybe?
Posted By: AC Beach Bum

Re: To Zeke - 06/29/01 07:35 PM


Welcome back! From the looks of Zeke's patriotic photo shoot, I'll have lunch "on him" any day!

St. Augustine?! What a lovely place! Next time I'm down there, I'd love to come by Big Zeke's Restaurant! Panty Rippers and Zekester jokes sounds like a very fun evening!
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: To Zeke - 06/30/01 09:35 PM

Denny....I do believe I would rather have AC Beach Bum having lunch on me rather than you. Sure bet that would raise the Ol' flag pole. See what you made do AC BB? LOL
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: To Zeke - 07/01/01 10:05 PM

Actually, I'd rather just have an AC Beach Bum on rye please...
Posted By: AC Beach Bum

Re: To Zeke - 07/02/01 03:18 PM

Oh, how I'd love to be the delicacy on the plate of any man who enjoys a meal s-l-o-w-l-y!!!

Denny, no rye bread necessary, but please do bring your favorite condiments [Linked Image]
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: To Zeke - 07/02/01 03:30 PM

Zeke, we will get in about 2 on Sunday. Staying at the Conch House. When do you want to get together? We will be doing Reggae Sunday, do you and Mrs. Zeke want to meet us there? (Maybe we can do lunch at your place Monday before we take off...)
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: To Zeke - 07/02/01 09:08 PM

ibanole....give me a call at restaurant, but maybe you should ask for Jerry at 904-461-6824. If my restaurant is not too busy maybe we can meet you at the Conch House. I'll wear a Belize t-shirt so you know who I am. Tall great looking guy with an American flag wrapped around my butt.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: To Zeke - 07/03/01 08:49 AM

I was taught to always eat slowly... very slowly... and I do...

Condiments? I hate those things... laugh
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: To Zeke - 07/03/01 06:40 PM, applebutter! (here we go again!)
Posted By: Debbie

Re: To Zeke - 07/03/01 08:03 PM

What's with the flag?????? Or is it just eye candy for the flag pole??? [Linked Image]
Posted By: Susiee

Re: To Zeke - 07/04/01 01:52 AM


Maybe you should change your name to Captain America. You know that woman can't resist a man in uniform!!!

Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: To Zeke - 07/04/01 08:58 AM

Jane, they have applebutter type condiments now? Wow, I remember when those things just came plain... lol Wait, aren't condiments accessories that go with condoms or am I reading this wrong?

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Posted By: Anonymous

Re: To Zeke - 07/04/01 06:14 PM

(jane slaps her forehead with her hand and rolls her eyes)
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