Posted By: Laguna Punta

Paisano? - 08/23/01 01:17 PM

Has anyone seen Paisano since or during the storm? His cottage seems to still be in disrepair after Keith, and I don't know how many storms it has in it. I am also curious if Paisano will be able to stay where he is at. It seemed like someone is increasingly interested in building something at that location.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Paisano? - 08/23/01 04:10 PM

bill, this question may be better answered on the "living in bz" or "hurricane infor" sections.

your pal, jane
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Paisano? - 08/23/01 10:51 PM

I think we need a trivia question board!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Paisano? - 08/24/01 02:18 AM

LOL....Jane I think Bill is just making statements, not really asking questions.

Bill maybe Paisano is passing thru Brownsville on his way to St Louis. "Could Happen." :P
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Paisano? - 08/24/01 04:34 AM

Paisano is alive and well and sleeping under the boat next to my house. Than reminds me I need to take in my laundry, I just got those new bras from Lane Bryant. He's gainfully employed, I just bought 2 shells from him last night.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Paisano? - 08/24/01 06:08 AM

We just had dinner with Dallas Dave, he just flu in form the island, he said everything is going good on the island, some little wind damage to some places in the back, but over all, since Keith, this was nothing...
Piasono is doing fine, doing what he does best, being the ambassador of the island LOL LOl.. Rick
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Paisano? - 08/24/01 06:21 AM

Do you think so Chloe? I'll hafta get out the clean linen. Hi Silkpainter. I've been to your home town when I was driving that rig. Home town of George Armstrong Custer. Do you live near Amy? I know dat Paisano frequents the bins out behind here place.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Paisano? - 08/24/01 10:29 AM

silkpainter! debbie will be so glad to hear you are posting again. she was worried about you after the fire thing. she couldn't locate you when she was there.

nice to have you back.

chloe, of course the problem is, i should never have taken bill seriously to begin with [Linked Image]
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Paisano? - 08/24/01 10:30 AM

(ambassador of the island....i like that...hee hee hee)

Re: Paisano? - 08/24/01 02:22 PM

Ah, Bill,

Me thinks your geography is a few miles off. If I'm not mistaken, George was from Monroe, MI, also the home of my namesake furniture...."LazyBoy". On the other hand that could explain some of those really long trips you made.

Happy to note that Paisano is still the stanchion of San Pedro's economy. However, the shell trade is not quite as creative as the water bottle deposit revenue producing business he was involved in last year.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Paisano? - 08/24/01 03:32 PM

Yes Bill, we're as close to Amy's place as one can get. Jim and I are subletting her apartment while she's in the U.S.

Jane, say hi to Debbie for me if you talk to her, I hope to meet her next time she comes. I was offline for a while (and off my rocker too, I hate to admit). We had to go back to Canada on an emergency basis (surgery for Jim) for 5 weeks, May 15-July 2, then I had to go back to Detroit to take care of some family business for 10 days July 24-Aug 2, its no wonder I missed her in all these comings and goings. Hope to meet her the next time, and you and Chloe too. Bill on the other hand, I've seen you, lol, and I'm sure you've seen me too, you just didnt know who the mystery woman was, lol.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Paisano? - 08/24/01 04:28 PM

Hi Silk!!
Good to hear from you again. Hope all the dust has settled in your life, and it's all back to normal....
I had to laugh when I saw your post. Today is "causual" day here at work. I'm still longing for Belize, so I happen to be wearing my silk painted sun dress with little fishies all over it. (In your honor!!! LOL) Neat coincidence though....
Glad to hear our island treasure is still alive and kicking.. He is so precious. Grew particularly fond of him this last trip. Poor thing still thinks my husband is an Arab. Made his whole day, so we didn't tell him any different. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Paisano? - 08/25/01 10:14 AM

I have news for ya, Silkpainter, all women are a mystery for me. Do ya sell those toga's at the Palapa Bar Sundays? Ya gots to give me a clue!
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Paisano? - 08/25/01 10:18 AM

Hi Choochoo; If I'm only a few miles off the beam, well, that's great for me. I'm usually way off. How does that rag arm Manning look this year. It's almost time for this seasons kickoff. Take care: Bill
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Paisano? - 08/26/01 01:17 AM

To Debbie - still trying to figure out what "normal" is.

To Bill - try again, you're thinking of Sammy and Aida from Isla Bonita Fashions.
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: Paisano? - 08/26/01 02:33 AM

Paisano is fine at this writing....Well as fine as he gets. He's still busy selling sucker merchandise to anyone who will bite. Remember folks he's dumb like a fox. I usualy just give him a couple of bucks to go away. He makes a pretty good living that way. Had a nice dinner at On The Boarder with Rick and Cheri. Great Tex Mex. Boy do I miss that on the Island! Of course after a week or so Stateside I start craving stew chicken/with rice and beans. Go figure?
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Paisano? - 08/26/01 04:53 AM

Thanks for the info. Dallas Dave. Hope your feeling better. Rickcheri says that ya flu home recently. Howa bout a clue, Silkpainter!Or ya can remain cloaked in mystery.
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: Paisano? - 08/27/01 02:36 AM

I flew to Dallas. I'm not ill, just working. Home is San Pedro. Thanks for the concern though.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Paisano? - 08/27/01 11:17 AM

Hey Dave....big hug for you and Lacy! [Linked Image]

Funny you mentioned stewed chicken. I brought a few necessary items to Tennessee with me. 1) a big can of that powdered chicken stock 2) Chocolate drink mix....can't find that brand here. 3) A bottle of punch Squash mix...for those Rum Punches...(it's now gone) and best of all...4)A huge ball of Ricado!....LOL

Got a craving last week for stewed chicken and fixed it.....Yummy! Family loved it! [Linked Image]

Now I got a craving for coconut rice..should have bought a bottle of coconut oil while I was there....DANG!

Miss you guys! [Linked Image]
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