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Posted By: Turnbun

Who runs - 08/25/01 01:47 AM

I was on Belize Forum today checking to see if any of my questions were answered, and there was a posting asking about accommodations on Ambergris Caye (Ramon's v. Mata Chica), so I posted a reply giving him the link to the Ambergris Caye message board. This site is much better for info. about AC, and I was just trying to help this guy get the best information.
Well.... they took the post off. I thought maybe it was a fluke or I forgot to hit "post" so I posted the message again. Later, when I tried to add a different post, I was informed on the screen that my posting privileges had been taken away! Just because I suggested someone go to a different board that would have been MUCH more useful to this guy who was looking for information for his honeymoon.
I understand that people want to keep traffic on their board for monetary reasons, but taking away my posting privileges???? I've only posted 3 or 4 very innocent questions on there until today's apparent no-no of giving the link to this board.
I sure hope the same people don't run this board!
I will NEVER look at Belize Forum again (it wasn't very helpful anyway). Not like that makes a difference to them, but it's the principle of the matter.
For those of you who have gotten upset because your posts have been taken off, I feel your pain. UGH!
OK, rant over.....
Posted By: denverdan

Re: Who runs - 08/25/01 02:33 AM

Hi there Turnbun,
I think that would be TONY... NOOOOO... no relation to Marty. lol
I was there a long time ago as well... and just felt this board to be very sincere, more informative, and REALLY funny. LOL
I never even posted here for about 4 months, just read and laughed, and laughed, and tried to remember to take notes or print out everything about dining and anything else they (the regulars) mentioned about what to do, see, eat, etc for our first trip there.
You fit in here very nice, hang around and enjoy!!! Maybe Marty can direct people via those computor sites so they will find us strange, helpful people before they find the other boards about Belize. LOL
Sorry you were bumped!
Posted By: mossback

Re: Who runs - 08/25/01 02:41 AM

I never heard of the site til you mentioned it...then I got this e-mail a few minutes ago...I'm gonna tell this guy to take a flying leap and encourage all other users of the AC site to do as well. If he had e-mailed you and told you why he was pulling it, that might be different. He doesn't sound like our kind of people...end of my rant!

Dear, Friend!

Best regards,
(None). Hi I would like to first take the time to introduce myself, My
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over the country can share ideas, exchange thoughts , post scholarships for students , a jobs
and job vacanies, anyone who has something to sell can post there info here and anyone
within the c
country can access this information.
www.BelizeForums is a site that is a non for profit meaning I do not want any ads and I dont
any money on it, all i want is for our community to have a place on the web to exchange
ideas and
to communicate with each others, you can discuss anything you want.

If anyone has any recommendations for this site I am open for ideas and love to share my
ideas with others, for this to
be successful we will need information posted up immediately and good content.

I thank you for your time and hope this site is just the open door to many of my projects for
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Thanks for your time to read this and dont forget to logon and post any news, politics,
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Best Regards...

Webmaster, Entrepreneur
Posted By: Turnbun

Re: Who runs - 08/25/01 03:00 AM

This gets very confusing, because there is a belizeforum (no plural) which is the one that took away my privileges. BelizeForums is apparently very new because I just came across it today.
I'm happy with my little AC message board. One is all I can handle!
Thanks for the support...
Off to AC in 5 days!!!!
Posted By: kcbc

Re: Who runs - 08/25/01 11:12 AM

Belize Forum is run by Tony Rath. Tony also is involved in the Pelican Beach Resort and has Tony Rath Photography. He's based in Dangriga and I believe that his board employs about 9 Belizeans.
I for one love that board. Just a different group of people that frequent it versus the people that go to AC. Nothing wrong with that just that we have some interesting debates on some different aspects of Belize.
I will say one thing about Tony and his group they very rarely delete anything that is put up.
What no one ever says is that we have a nut who posts under various names ususally Soma151 that posts lots of untruths about Belize. Out of one hundred posts he might have one that is kind to Belize. Hence that is why you see some strange posts and then they disappear.
You do occasionally get banned from Belize Forum, I myself have been banned four times. Really no good explanation for how this happens. It might be because Tony is trying to cut down on the taglines but I doubt it.
Just send an email to them and ask why it happened. I usually just get a sorry, oops, thing. As far as I know even Soma151 is not banned from posting.
This board is interesting also, but limited occasionally by what can be discussed. Different boards have different objectives and rules and regulations. Many of the people on the BelizeForum board have been going to Belize for years, some have second homes in the country like I do. Obviously instead of being interested in what restuarant to eat in or hotel to stay at we have some other questions and problems regarding Belize. This board is geared towards AC, nothing wrong with that except Belize is just not the island of AC.

Sorry that you got banned but give them a shout and ask what happened. Hope that answered some questions.
Posted By: karin

Re: Who runs - 08/25/01 01:47 PM

I agree with kcbc. Just send a mail to Tony to ask what happened... I find that forum very informative, just like this one, but on different subjects... Now I even learned about that new forum...Thanks ! ;-)
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: Who runs - 08/25/01 01:53 PM

I think if you check each site, you will find that the names are exactly the same.

Both call themselves "The Belize Forums". This is a little confusing to this writer and in order to address the question,I have registered as a member.

The question has now been asked of the administrator of the new TBF, Mark Borland. What purpose does it serve?

Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Who runs - 08/25/01 08:04 PM

Very Interesting!

Mark Borland happens to be my ex-brother-in-law....and also the manager at Lighthouse Reef Resort...last I heard anyway.

I'm sure this is a completely different board than the Belize Forums that is run by Tony Rath.

I personally don't have time to be bothered with Tony's site. There is more to why the post was pulled about that is neither here nor there.

I just don't like the tone of that is stressful enough without subjecting myself to more Bulls**t....LOL

Since I'm not in a position to change anything politically in most aren't....why beat a topic to death?...won't make any difference anyway.

That is my humble opinion of course...LOL...I'm sure I will hear lots of flack on that remark....oh well..such is life...LOL

I will email Mark and see exactly what he has going with this new site.....could be he is just trying to start a new message board...that's cool...but I would suggest a name change. Really sucks though since he has registered the name already.

Will keep you posted.

Posted By: mossback

Re: Who runs - 08/25/01 09:45 PM

hey shake,

you may also put a bug in his ear and tell him that the people that he spammed don't appreciate it. Not a very good way to get started.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Who runs - 08/25/01 10:01 PM

Hey Moss....LOL....don't jump to conclusions.
maybe he has admins too...or maybe he is still working out some kinks???

Did he send you this email un-solicited?

I will ask...but before you get your dandruff up...LOL..let's hear from the man..ok?

I hope I never sit before you in a court of law....LOL "OFF with her head!!"

Yikes! [Linked Image]

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Posted By: mossback

Re: Who runs - 08/26/01 06:16 AM

OK Shake,

Let me know whatcha find out. The jury is still out, but my gut says he's spamming everybody with a btl account, and you know that we all pay dearly for our net time. That means it costs me money for him to hawk his wares.

If you find out he's not spamming BTL users, then I take back what I said. Fair enuf?
Posted By: munichchick

Re: Who runs - 08/27/01 05:31 PM

Sandshaker! Are you all settled in the Mountains yet? How do you like it? I hope you are doing well.
Posted By: Turnbun

Re: Who runs - 08/28/01 11:39 PM

An update: I sent Tony an e-mail asking why he cut me off, and got no response. Also - I tried an experiment and went on through my fiance's computer and responded to the person - did not give a website name, just said there's an Ambergris Caye website he may have better luck with, and that one got deleted, too. When I tried to post another message about travel to San Ignacio from Belize City, I found I had been kicked out AGAIN!!!! Tony sucks...
Posted By: AC Beach Bum

Re: Who runs - 08/29/01 02:24 PM


If you have not left already....

Best of luck to you and your fiance on your Belize nuptuals. "We" have all waited with you and can't wait to see your pictures!
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Who runs - 08/29/01 06:22 PM must have really been a bad boy to get your priviledges yanked on Tony's site...LOL

He never yanks anyone....unless of course they mention Ambergriscaye....LOL

Don't take it personal...consider the source!

Cheers! [Linked Image]
Posted By: AC Beach Bum

Re: Who runs - 08/29/01 09:10 PM


I think Turnbun (Jennie?) has left this morning for her wedding!!! I suppose she and her group have arrived already!

Stay tuned for wedding photos!
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Who runs - 08/30/01 03:08 AM

Just keep in mind that everything you post on Tony Rath's forum is copyrighted by him. That's in the agreement you make when you sign up for the forum. That probably also holds for any links or photos you post. I used to be a regular on Tony's forum, and wish him well, but as a travel writer and publisher I don't believe it is right for a forum owner to grab copyright to every posting. Most forums claim a "complilation copyright" which is similar to what the Yellow Pages have and involves a copyright to the unique organization of data, but it is rare for forums to claim they own every word you post and can do anything they want to with it for the duration of copyright, which is your lifetime but 75 years.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Who runs - 08/30/01 01:31 PM

Turnburn = Female.....LOL...oops!
OK...."bad little girl" then....LOL

Forgive me...I've been away too long. [Linked Image]
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