Posted By: rickcheri

M&M - 09/26/02 02:47 PM

Are ya'll out there??? Anyone seen/heard from them???? Hey guys, give us an email...let us know how it's going!!! Hey Mary-i quit my job!!! LOL....think Rick will go for it???? C
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: M&M - 09/26/02 04:44 PM

I saw them a few weeks back. They are living in a cute little apartment close to Caribe Island (it belongs to Terry and Michelle- if you know them). Settling in nicely.
Posted By: RobertE

Re: M&M - 09/26/02 05:49 PM

So M&M are living down in AC now?
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: M&M - 09/26/02 06:02 PM

Yep and they have forgotten all their old friends back here in the states. C'mon guys I am waiting for an email update. You better have gotten a job so you can take me and Mrs.Zeke out to Papi's!
Posted By: RobertE

Re: M&M - 09/26/02 07:10 PM

I agree Zeke. I know how many Belikins Mark can knock back and Mary too. She can fool ya for her size. Maybe he has a job at the Belikin warehouse to support that habit and get his "friends" a discount.

Hopefully he hasn't teamed up with Paisano and is starting some global conch shell distribution network or sumthin crazy like that. Mark is from Oklahoma so who knows what kind of craziness he is up to. Might be tryin to sell double wides and pick up trucks down there for all we know.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: M&M - 09/26/02 07:20 PM

Settle down you guys.... Last time I saw them, they were walking out on the pier, holding hands....
They are honeymooning in Paradise right now.
Posted By: Loie

Re: M&M - 09/26/02 09:31 PM

So very jealous! Rob & Laura are holding a couple of stools for us at BC's. Hope to see M&M there too.

Just gotta love those guys!
Posted By: MandM

Re: M&M - 09/27/02 04:10 AM

Hi guys !!!

Yes, we are alive and well, thank you very much! Ibanole, John brought your message over this evening, and we would have posted earlier, but we had to stroll out on your dock ... just too nice a night to miss. Charlie (he's our USDA grade A certified pooch) really doesn't like the dock much. Apparently too much water around for his liking. Other than that though, he is adjusting nicely.

We've settled in pretty well --- still missing a few things here and there, but hey, we're in Belize !!! Today was the town board meeting where they decide who gets a golf cart permit ... we are holding our breath. Just a bit too far from town for the bicycles. It' isn't a bad ride, unless it's hot (you can melt by the time you get there) or if it's been raining (need a change of clothes when you get there).

Got through our first immigration ordeal ... we've been here a month now. No real problem at immigration, but the officer had a frown for us when we couldn't produce a return ticket. We just told him that we weren't going back!

Robert and Loie .... when are you coming down here? We've been holding back two ice cold Belikins for you, and I just don't know how much longer we can resist the temptation!!!

Zekester .... no way do we have jobs. We're having way too much fun being totally worthless! So ... Papis' is out ... but the street vendors have some really incredible entrees ... I'll check our email distribution list again --- really thought you had been snubbing us,,, as we have sent (fairly) regular reports. You know how it is though - you get all caught up in the days activities... and -- well -- we've worked with computers for so long that it just doesn't hold the attraction that it once did.

Rick and Cheri --- where are you ??? Bernd told us that you will be down before too long, but we thought you'd be here by now. We'll have to catch up when you get here. Haven't been by the house yet, but Bernd tells us that it really turned out great. We'll save a couple of cold ones for you !!!

We sincerely hope that all of you are jealous as hell, so that we can be assured that you'll look us up when you make your next trip to paradise!

Cheers ~!

Mark and Mary
M smile M

[email protected]
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: M&M - 09/27/02 04:18 AM

vicki told me she really enjoyed your company smile

best of luck to you.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: M&M - 09/27/02 03:49 PM they asked me to stay (my job) and I fell for it!!! Mary-ya gotta work on Rick for me when we get there!!! I'm leaving for sure the end of the year and then taking a 12 week course for a vet tech---so i can help more with SAGA!!!! We';ll be there SOON!!!! You guys are TOO cool!!!!!!
Posted By: RobertE

Re: M&M - 09/27/02 04:00 PM

Mark and Mary - Glad to here you guys are enjoying paradise. Me and Laura will be down the 21st thru the 30th of November and staying at Mata Rocks. Keep that beer cold and we'll see you soon. Let us know if there is anything we can bring down for you guys. See ya soon.

Robert and Laura
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: M&M - 09/27/02 06:19 PM

M & M I feel snubbed also, you didn't call me, but you probably didnt have my phone number since it changed, lol. Well, here it is 206-0206.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: M&M - 09/27/02 06:28 PM

Is that a reflection?
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: M&M - 09/28/02 05:14 PM

Sure is NYGal, shot thru a mirror, you're so perceptive!
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