Landfall Vermilion Bay

Posted By: Tradewind

Landfall Vermilion Bay - 10/03/02 03:17 AM


Lili has done a crazy and unexpected stall 40 miles offshore in western Louisiana under Vermilion Bay. She's now down to 100mph. All the dramatics were for nothing. Those people must be giddy with relief!

No floods in New Orleans...
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: Landfall Vermilion Bay - 10/03/02 03:32 AM

I hope God, If He is real, Has mercy on those folks staring down the throat of that bitch.
Posted By: Grace

Re: Landfall Vermilion Bay - 10/03/02 03:45 AM

Damn, this one's getting worse. I'm in ATL. We may not get any left overs, but I've been throug some bad ones and I feel for New Orleans....and East....Oh, I was in AC for Mitch......rather , last plane out......
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Landfall Vermilion Bay - 10/03/02 04:50 AM

Just from the news here in Ft. Worth...
145mph, moving 17mph, stiking Thurs AM, around 8AM, Tidal surge of 17-20ft. moving fast, rain fall of 10", evaucated 350,000 people from Beaumont, TX, and 10,000 from the banks of Galveston. Going to have major destruction.
Us up here are going to have some rain, but heading after land fall to the NE, with lots of rain and flooding. Should be a Cat 5 before land fall. Prayers are with ya'all down there on the coast!!!!!!
Posted By: Tradewind

Re: Landfall Vermilion Bay - 10/03/02 06:10 AM

Good News:

Lili's form has taken on a weird disruption and her pressure has risen to 948 from 940.

I think she's weakening before landfall, though she's still a very strong storm...
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Landfall Vermilion Bay - 10/03/02 09:22 AM

Looks like we may eek have gotten lucky,again,here in Houston Texas!Those poor souls in New Orleans are in for a real problem though!The 0200 reports put her right off the coast as earlier predicted south of New Iberia.
Posted By: Tradewind

Re: Landfall Vermilion Bay - 10/03/02 01:27 PM

Lili has resumed a northward motion and is making landfall over Vermilion Bay, Louisiana at around 100mph.

Now I find out there isn't much more rain than a bad afternoon thunderstorm. Looks like everybody was spared.
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