My First Time!!!

Posted By: brandilee3

My First Time!!! - 10/08/01 05:38 PM

Hello everyone,
I am visiting Belize at the end of december for the first time, I am so excited but have a few questions that I'd appreciate your help with. First, should I get a shot or any medicine from my doctor before my visit- my boyfriend has been to Belize many times and told me no, but I want a second opinion!!Also, what are some cool places to hang-out at night? We are both in our young 20's.
We are staying at AC, Thanks for all of your help.
Posted By: RobertE

Re: My First Time!!! - 10/08/01 06:24 PM

Shots and drugs aren't really needed however it never hurts to have a current tetnaus and maybe a hepatitis shot. Not a huge risk but something good to have if you travel a lot.

Never had a problem with food but some people have touchy stomachs with the least little difference in diet even at home. My wife and I carry a prescription for "ciproflaxacin" It's good if the gods don't smile on you for some reason as pepto and immodium deal with syptoms but not the problem. Lots of times it is bacterial and cipro will knock it out so you can enjoy your vacation.

Lots to do in Belize and AC. Not crazy clubs like Cancun but more places to unwind, enjoy a drink or many and meet some cool people.
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