Basil Jones Optimistic

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Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/15/01 06:21 PM

I am an owner at the resort, not a week, not a quarter share .. Yup we brought an entire unit !!! I need to stay positive, we have $$$$ invested in this resort. We brought from e-bay march 2000, thought it would be a good investment, rent out weeks and stay as log as we want. I know Gary had this dumped in his lap. My concern is we NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER>>> Think about it.. if Gary walks and he certainly has enough reasons to.. who in their right mind would want to walk into this situation. My opinion is we back off awhile, wait to hear the FACTS and respond accordingly. I truly believe this resort will open on Belize time. I don't have any more information than the rest of you, but I know I can't run down there and take over. But I aint given up....
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/16/01 02:08 AM

It has to open I have been married 31years and I would hate for my husband to be able to say "I told you so!" He has never let me buy a time share for the last 15 years I wanted to. So I bought it on Ebay with my money,the very first thing I ever bought online.I want this to make it not for the money I am a Irish Red Head and don't want to hear those words.
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/16/01 11:05 AM

OK, if ya'll believe in the power of positive thinking, here it goes: Basil Jones will definately open and it will be great!!!
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/16/01 03:37 PM

"Basil Jones will definately open and it will be great."

Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/16/01 05:07 PM

Ah, you might want to click those red shoes, and clap your hands while you say that. Ooops, that's another.........

I love optimism and certainly hope y'all are right.
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/16/01 05:39 PM

Adam may have taken off with the money. Gary may or may not come back. NO MATTER WHAT THE LAND IS STILL THERE.
Can't someone find out who has the deed to the property?
I'm going to start a new post - looking for Adam.
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/16/01 05:48 PM

Please don't.....I'd just as soon forget about Adam if you don't mind.
He doesn't have the deed anyway.
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/16/01 06:40 PM

OK Tammy --- Why not? Who does have the deed?
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/17/01 12:01 AM

Adam Chandler is just misunderstood.
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/17/01 02:48 AM

Bill Thornton is just misunderstood......
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/17/01 03:27 AM


Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/18/01 12:08 PM

You sure are a busy little bee. Everything you post is an effort to disuade the shareholders from looking into this matter. WHY???????? You certainly know more than you are telling and your interest in this matter is overwhelming.....YOU NO LONGER WORK FOR BASIL why are you so eager to encourage everyone from looking into the ownership and data on the resort. VERY, VERY STRANGE in my book. It may take a while but you can write to the court house in Belize with proper identification and information and get the information you want to find out where you stand on this deal. Starting your procedure now will shorten the time it will take to get your information. Sorry you all got rooked but instead of talking about it daily and wondering what to do, make a decision and get started on gathering your information to nail the guilty party or parties. The longer you wait the the guilty will get further away.

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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/18/01 02:00 PM

We are not owners or time shares in this project but those who are US nationals and feel as if they have cheated can ask for help from the embassy in Belize. If enough people write to the US Belize Embassy, the Economic Officier may wish to offer assistance in gathering information and recommending a course of action. Remember to also copy your your US Senator on any correspondence with the US Belize Embassy.

FYI, below are the current US Embassy offcials in Belize.

Principal U.S. Officials
Charge d'affaires--Mary H. Witt
Economic/Political Officer--George Aldridge
Consul--David Chang
Administrative Officer--Joel Danies
Security Officer --J. Michael Foster
Military Liaison Officer--LTC. Wayne "Pat" Richardson, U.S. Army

The U.S. Embassy is located in Belize City at the corner of Gabourel Lane
and Hutson Street. The mailing address is P. O. Box 286, Belize City, Belize, Central America. Tel: 011-501-2-77161 from the United States, or 77161 locally. Fax: 011-501-2-30802 Executive Office; 35321 Administrative Office; 71468 Economic/Commercial/Political Office; 35423 Consular Section. E-mail address: [email protected], Web Site address:
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/18/01 05:17 PM

HUH? <in best Scoobie-Doo voice>
The Ambasadorship to Belize is Vacant?

Kathy <looking up George Bush's e-mail addy)
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/18/01 06:27 PM

Hmmmmmmm...Deja vu all over again. Casa Caribe started out in 1988 or '89 as a condo project. It went through different owners, different bail-out plans, new partners, tried the time-share route and are now Avalon Reef Club. It is MUCH closer to San Pedro proper than Basil Jones and tons easier to get to, night and day. I think you could throw good money after bad for years at Basil Jones and still not have much.

Sorry to sound pessimistic, but as Emory King once said "if every project that had been started in this country were completed, this would be the richest country in this hemisphere".
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/18/01 07:31 PM

I thought my friends were joking when they call me the Ambassador to Belize!!!
Anyone want to run against me? (laughing my head off) Oh S^#@, I promised I would lay low for a few days. Even though I have trained my mouth to stay shut I seem to have no control over these fingers when they touch a key board.
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/19/01 06:05 AM

ha ha Hariette....your cool!

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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/19/01 04:48 PM


I can tell you that I have had nothing but empty promises for over a year.....I have read numerous postings from good people who paid for this so-called resort in good faith.....

I might also point out that our money was taken via wire which may or may not lead to wire fraud, bank fraud, and other areas of the interstate commerce act.

I want answers....

I want an explanation on the basil jones resort's expected opening...

If we do not receive official information on this resort by months end I have instructed my attorney to engage the authorities in my State, the FBI, and Interpol to discuss an investigation and charges in this matter.
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Re: Basil Jones Optimistic - 10/19/01 05:00 PM

There is a US Ambassador to Belize. Appointed earlier this year by Bush, Russell Freeman of North Dakota is an attorney. Don't know if that's good or bad!

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