In search of Island Junkie - Becky

Posted By: KC

In search of Island Junkie - Becky - 10/25/01 05:22 AM

Anyone know if Becky is settled in Portland yet? Haven't heard hide nor hair of her since her trip to AC was cancelled.

Posted By: coloradochef

Re: In search of Island Junkie - Becky - 10/27/01 08:46 AM

this has nothing to do with becky but i got an email saying you had responded to my topic about celeste philips. well shit, i got the aweful news from wendy but i couldn't pull up your reply. maybe the chat room has just gone nuts and sent out a false notice. i was on ac two years ago and met celeste and maybe you who knows? i am however moving to portland (oregon) next week. if that is the protland becky is moving to maybe i can find her for you.-gary
Posted By: KC

Re: In search of Island Junkie - Becky - 10/27/01 02:52 PM

I have an explanation for the message that never was... I posted a note, telling you the same thing as Wendy. Then when it posted I noticed that Wendy had posted just one minute before me. So, I deleted my note. I didn't think you needed bad news twice.

Another Belizeophyle moving to Portland, huh? I live in Eugene. Becky moved last month, but haven't heard from her on the board since.

Welcome to the rainy Pacific NW!

Posted By: IslandJunkie

Re: In search of Island Junkie - Becky - 10/29/01 01:02 AM

Hey Kathy & EVERYBODY!!!!

I arrived in Portland a month ago and have been running like a chicken with my head cut off ever since! I miss ya'll, and have no clue as to what's going on with everyone.

Portland is beatiful - so happy here at home! The sun has been shining pretty much every day the last month, with a few exceptions. Oregon gets a bad rap, but it's gotta be one of the most wonderful places I know!

Got to see a little of Colorado on my way home, sorry didn't get through Denver to see all you fine folks over there, but I have to say I'm glad I didn't miss Durango. That's a beautiful area!

Kathy - how's Eugene? Saw the Ducks win yesterday, gotta love that!

Good to be back on the board again. My visits here will be less frequent than before, but I still daydream about Belize everyday. AAAAAHHHHH. Is there no end to this sickness? :-) LOL!!!!
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