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Planning to be in AC at Journeys Ends over Christmas New Years
Any info on the resort would be appreciated
Is the distance from S.P a major obstacle?
Any comments on the dive operation,accomodations,food, service?????
How is the weather at that time of the year?
Would love to hear from someone who actually spent some time at the resort
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Re: MONTREAL TO JOURNEYS END - 11/12/01 10:33 PM

hi-ho. i was there august 2000. i understand things had changed a lot since then, due to the hurricanes, but i will tell you what i know.

the staff was terrific. fun to chat with. the beach is beautiful and private. the view incredible. they offer free kayaks & sunfish.

i thought the food there was pretty good, but limited in menu and $$. our only complaints then were that it was very hot to eat outdoors (air conditioning would have been a welcome treat), and the flies were always on your food. there was open seating only, and it was august. screening would have helped. i can't say i had a bad meal tho, and different dinner menus daily. i recommend the paella. good drinks.

there is an cozy & interesting but also pricey restaurant next door, rendezvouz. they serve upscale french-thai, and it was wonderful. nice decor too.

the dive operation seemed top-notch. i watched steve, the divemaster, certify a parapelegic while i was there (among others), and i thought he was very professional. frank did 9 dives with them and had no complaints. they were very nice, too.

the rooms were ok, nothing special. comfortable in a minimalist way. we had a beachfront cabana that badly needed updating, but i think they did that last year.

here are JE photos from 8/00:
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oh, and the free boat to town is 15-20 minutes, each way, i think. it is a fast, windy ride, bring a hat and hold onto it! they run free ones in twice daily, on their schedule. was it inconvenient? a little. did i do it? yup.

we only went into san pedro 3x, so if you think you want to do it, you are at the mercy of a schedule, and be willing to walk from the boatyard into town. or, you could pay for the water taxi. it picks up at the pier every other hour, if you reserve it. stops at the other resorts up and down too. the hotel will call it for you. it is $5 US each way, per person.

i was looking for peace & quiet, so it was a good choice then. however, next time i will stay closer to town.

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Re: MONTREAL TO JOURNEYS END - 11/16/01 01:39 PM

thityanks for all your info. the pics were great
The ski season is about to begin North of Montreal at Mont Tremblant and I am sure the beach at J.E. will look even better as soon as winter weather really rolls in. As a follow up did you take air or boat from the airport in Belize City to J.E?
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i took the air from BC to san pedro. the views are worth it. then you need to take a boat from san pedro to JE. they will be waiting at the san pedro airport for you.

make sure JE knows when your flight arrives. i gave them my flight numbers from continental, and they scheduled the local air & transfers for me.
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