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About Us Here - 11/17/01 07:27 PM

Gee Anita, I couldn't even answer your posting, it's blocked. I could only post a new subject. I feel a bit slighted. I don't like someone dictating to me what I should read and what I shouldn't, or when there's enough of one subject. It's a shame that one of the moderators is involved in a subject that we want to discuss, so she can close the thread or pull posts at will. Talk about freedom of speech! This is a big board with enough room for lots of stuff. Apparently this subject happens to be the going thing right now. Just look at the traffic anything about Basil Jones gets. Anywhere from 25 to 57 replies...compared to the others. What does that tell you? Is this our board or what? If you don't want to read something....don't! but don't dictate to others. Please have the decency to remove youself from the board if you can't be fare! Or just let Marty take care of it. These people have a right to their free speech!

On another note. I think it's so unprofessional to name people because you can. we all have alias names here. What gives you the right to posts our real names. I guess because you can?


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Re: About Us Here - 11/17/01 07:45 PM

I CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEONE ELSE WOULD LOCK A POSTING THAT I STARTED! What's up with that? That doesn't make us suspicious now does it???? Who doesn't want us communicating with each other?
I would like to keep the lines of communication open for all of us Basil Jones Resort "owners". So even though "STATE OF BASIL JONES" has been closed, let's not lose touch with each other & any updates that may occur.
You can also check out:

Thanks, Anita
(you're not talking about me posting people's names are you? I don't think I'VE done that.....)

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p.s. no one is going to know what the topic of this post is with the title you used.......

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Re: About Us Here - 11/17/01 08:27 PM


Come on guys, if you want to take back what you have said it is easy, just go in edit and delete your posts, but to close the thread. Who is dictating here?

The BJR is not about Sandshaker, Adam or Gary. It is clearly about the people that invested cold hard cash in the RESORT. They do need a voice here, to protect themselves and future buyers. "UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL."

I visited the BJR construction site, listened to all the information and visited with many people, but did not buy a timeshare. BUT if I had, you bet I would be SCREAMING AND SEEKING ALOT OF HELP.

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Re: About Us Here - 11/17/01 08:51 PM

For the record, I repeat what I said under the thread, Amendment I.
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Re: About Us Here - 11/17/01 09:12 PM

This fued had been going on for a month +, and for some reason it is esculating.

There are also other threads that are in other sections with disagreements. What is happening?

If we can't shoot off our mouths once in a while we can just sit and be weenies and read all the "wonderful" things that AC has to offer. This is an informal chat area, not the prim and proper only section !

There are many other areas that can be touched. Oh, let's hear the only music, or let's hear the only BBQ or let's watch the only sunrise or sunset. HEY, r/c, barefoot skinny or the other early risers and sunset watchers. I am not insinuating that those are NOT good, just that there truly is more to life than just repeating and repeating the same thing every day about the WONDERS. There are hard times going on all over the world and we all try to be helpful. We try to accomodate each other with kindness by letting each other know we think of them, that we laugh with or at them, and there are also the times we grieve. Let these people stop reading or writing and the rest is history. So let's write and talk to one another and keep our interests online. We have had many posters say that this is the best board in Belize, now that's a compliment. We also have many that just sit and read...with an occasional post. That too is good. I used to just grimace at some of the childish nonsense on this board. Today we need that back. We need not to slam one another, damn it. Let's just talk and be heard. No offense intended to anyone ! ! !
There, I didn't say BJ in anything, oops ! [Linked Image]
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Re: About Us Here - 11/18/01 01:19 AM

See Ammendment I
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Re: About Us Here - 11/18/01 05:48 AM

Hi Anita, no it wasn't you doing the name game.....sorry should have been more clear on that one.

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Re: About Us Here - 11/18/01 06:07 AM

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Re: About Us Here - 11/18/01 10:41 AM

Drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, don't you all love it.... Sorry but i thought this was good.. Lets talk about the isalnd not all of this crap.... Thanks, Rick
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Re: About Us Here - 11/19/01 05:28 AM

I guess we do love it.

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