The people I met

Posted By: ScubaLdy

The people I met - 12/06/01 07:12 AM

Day one – Having my lobster Omelet at Lily’s the couple at the next table started talking about hearing about the place on the message board. What a good laugh we had introducing ourselves. HI T & B.
I went to the Internet cafe and met “Pedro”. When he said “and who are you?” I responded “Scuba Lady” he ducked behind the bar and said, “You don’t like me!” We had many days of good-natured haggling. On Thursday met Bill Thornton. Thursday night met ChooChoo at BC’s. That was a wild crowd! Never connected with KC.
The wind was up, the water rough, so I skipped maniac diving. Every morning Steve and Greg had breakfast at Lily’s and we ended up renting a golf cart for a day and toured the entire island. I have to admit I had never been beyond the town limits – on land. Sure glad I did. Steve, who has a horse farm in Kentucky and is cruising the Caribbean in his sailboat, loved the north end. I found it more isolated than I would like to be. I love the way the houses and yards are kept up down south. I had met Vicky on Black Bird Caye at the Oceanic Research station and found out we will be neighbors. While down looking over my future home site Vicky called out from her deck.
Boy, I love the small world of A/C – I especially like the people.
Hello to you all.
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Re: The people I met - 12/07/01 04:24 AM

Hi Scubaldy,
I am curious as to whom you chose as a builder?
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Re: The people I met - 12/07/01 07:23 AM

Scubalady, Rick here, we are currently building our house up north, in the Tres Cocos are and we have a builder for ya if your interested. Let me know.. you know our email addy... yes I have to agree, being up north of the cut is wonderful... the best of both worlds if you want to say.. great report and thank you for everything!!!!!!! Rick
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: The people I met - 12/08/01 03:49 AM

My suggestion; Paisano Constructin co.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: The people I met - 12/08/01 06:32 PM

Bill - You are just toooo funny.
Rick & Cheri - I'm buying at the Waterfall Court and don't have to worry about details. Adam Chandler is taking care of that. LOL Not really, I just couldn't resist. Chris Allnat is the owner/developer and I'm going to write up a separate post about this.
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Re: The people I met - 12/08/01 07:31 PM

Paisaino Construction would probably be better than some of the contractors on the island. lol At least with him you know where you stand.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: The people I met - 12/08/01 11:05 PM

Paisano's construction, would be out of conch shells set in concrete, just think how lovely that beachy house would be........I can see it now.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: The people I met - 12/09/01 01:33 AM

You would also know where to "FIND" him, LOL

His prices are super good too. If this gentleman only knew how popular he is, he would make a bundle so sssshhhhh......tee hee hee.

That would make a good accent to a house, Chloe. Hmmmmmm.
Pisano Conch Constructions
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: The people I met - 12/09/01 06:27 PM

piasano construction would be selling all your building materials to the tourists as 'natural driftwood and ancient mayan artifacts'.
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