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Horses - 12/18/01 05:18 PM

Does anyone board horses in Belize? If so, what have been your experiences? Are vets and ferriers readily available? Will Mennonites board? Any equine diseases spreading there? Any reports of EIA? Any help is appreciated.

Posted By: Grace

Re: Horses - 12/18/01 06:14 PM

I was thinking of bringing my horses to AC when I move....any info will be helpful.
Posted By: CoeyCoey

Re: Horses - 12/18/01 07:10 PM

Grace, interested in opening a stable there?
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Horses - 12/19/01 12:55 AM

For good, reliable information on horses, you might want to get in touch with Johnny Carr at Banana Bank near Belmopan or the Bevises at Mountain Equestrian Trails at Mile 8 of the Pine Ridge Road. The Carrs have about 75 head and MET has quite a few, and together these folks probably have 75 years of experience with horses in Belize.

--Lan Sluder

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Re: Horses - 12/19/01 05:56 AM

I emailed them some time ago and never recieved any reply.
Posted By: Grace

Re: Horses - 12/19/01 05:25 PM sure would give me something to do...But I'll be living on AC...not sure it's feasible. Would be very interested to learn how and where to buy feed and hay though...
Posted By: mayatravel

Re: Horses - 12/19/01 06:52 PM

You might want to contact Mike deShield at [email protected] He's the govt vet. I'm sure you can find plenty of places to board your aninmal. You'll need lots of feed if you board on SP.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Horses - 12/19/01 09:05 PM

when i was at banana bank in '93, the horses had quite a few parasites, such as fleas & ticks, or their counterparts. you may wish to ask about that too.

this was on the main land, tho. near the jungle. FYI.
Posted By: CoeyCoey

Re: Horses - 12/19/01 10:17 PM

Thats neglect plain and simple. Plenty of safe and effective treatments against such things.
Posted By: Grace

Re: Horses - 12/21/01 09:52 PM

Thanks for the info...we've got property on the north end of the I don't need to board...just feed...I'll try the vet for more info.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Horses - 12/21/01 10:59 PM

coey - that's what i thought. but then, i know nothing about horses. my husband just assumed that it could not be helped in that environment; in the rain forrest along a river.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Horses - 12/22/01 02:46 AM

I'm no expert on horses in subtropical climates, but I'd lay my money on Johnny Carr any day for knowing how to take care of horses, as he has spent almost 30 years with cattle and horses in Belize -- thousands of them -- and before that was a rodeo cowboy and rancher in Montana. But then, guess the old Belize hands have a lot to learn.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: Horses - 12/22/01 03:29 AM

I was at Banana Bank about 2 monthes ago and went on the horse back ride! It was a lot of fun! The water was very high at the time though so we had to take different routes just to get across but, if you can get a hold of John Carr I would really recommend that you go! Its a lot of fun!
Posted By: CoeyCoey

Re: Horses - 12/22/01 04:37 AM


What did you think about the condition of the horses? Were they shod? Any noticable lesions or parasites? Could you see their ribs?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Horses - 12/27/01 08:36 PM

let me just say that i did not mean to imply mr. carr was taking ill care of his animals. i simply noticed a lot of bugs on them.

the carrs also have (or at least had) many animals living on the grounds, and they all appeared well cared for. i got to play with the piccary (free-roaming), the monkeys (howler & spider, on leashes) and cooed at the jaguar (caged). the parrots were too high up to see.

i would be curious to hear megan's response, tho.
Posted By: thall

Re: Horses - 01/05/02 09:30 AM

Grace, Any info on horse feed, vet etc. yet?
I am interested in having them there in the
future. Maybe not transporting the horses I
have now but getting them there. email me
at [email protected]
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