Tomorrow, the BIG DAY

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Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/05/02 11:13 PM

Congratulations to Jim Hanna and his "bride to be", Ana, who will be married tomorrow in SP. You guys are GREAT!!! Wish sooo bad we could be there, Mr. Pier Lounge-don't hurt the church!!! LOL C
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/06/02 04:36 AM

Their finally gonna do it!....LOL
This is wonderful! ME TOO....wish I was there!

Have a wonderful wedding.....and a wonderful Life together! [Linked Image]

Best Wishes to you both!
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/06/02 04:37 PM

YEA, Tammy, isn't that great!! It's supposed to be really big..lots of people! Maybe they'll post some pics!!!! C'mon Mr. Pier Lounge..we want pics!!! C
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/06/02 08:52 PM

Okay, sorry for the pun but I couldn't resist. So the bride's new name will be Ana Hanna? Best of luck to the new couple. When we got married a few years ago we didn't know Belize existed otherwise we would have probably got married in AC too.
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/07/02 04:06 AM

Congradulations Jim and Ana. Here's wishing a great life together.
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/07/02 04:56 AM

YA MON.......
BIG congrats to ya!
Toasting to you/with you, as I write. lol
Many, many years...
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/07/02 06:20 AM

Just got off IM with Conchitta and she said everyone was there for this big shindig!!!!
It was a great affair... Hey Jim and Ana, Congrats, and thanks for everything...

Rick and Cheri
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/09/02 03:55 AM

OK, Yes I made it through this..It was the longest 2 1/2 hours of my life. They say I did look pretty snappy in my white three piece Columbian lawyer suit..
The Reception?
well just ask anyone that was there(650+).
San Pedro will not see a party like that in the forseeable future. I will bet on that.
It ended last night at 10:30.(Mon.)
My finger itches.
Can I go to bed now?
pics manana
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/09/02 04:05 AM

NO WAY.... R & C just get to see the pics....

You best be sharing with the "board" specially if ya want more business for de chicken drop. lol




I can't find the pics of last years "pirate party" either...

MISTER... you have some splaining to do...

CONGRATS as well!!! Sounds like a great time!
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/09/02 08:22 PM

I was in the Pier Lounge and met the anxious Groom 2 days before the Wedding. Jim was so busy with arrangements, for the Huge Grand Wedding Reception. They were all stilling partying 2 days later in the Lounge.
Bill Thornton and I gave Jim our personal Congrats.
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/10/02 11:41 PM

Jim and Ana Nuptials
Ana Wade is such a popular person in San Pedro that you would think the newly wedded couple would be called The Wade's. Such popularity of these personalities had the Roman Catholic Church full to capacity as Jim and Ana sealed their vows of love in Holy Matrimony this past Sunday, January 6, 2002.

Ana and Jim were not the only ones to capture the attention of all the invited guests, if not the attention of the entire town, but the bridal entourage as well that comprised of "padrinos" Maricela "Shelly" Huber and David Michael Huber. Dressed in a lovely off white wedding gown, Ana marched up the aisle sharing gorgeous smiles and thanks to all her invited guests. The hundreds of flowers coupled with the happiness expressed by the newly-weds adorned the church to the marvel of everyone.

As for the reception at Coral Sand Center at the Belize Yacht Club, there was only room and ambience to drink and toast, eat, dance and join in the merrymaking provided by the Pan Stick Steel Band, an entertainer from Mexico and, of course, the exquisite catering of Caliente Restaurant. Talk about "A Small/Big Wedding", this was it. It was relatively small in numbers but tremendous in service, attention and merrymaking. Through this newspaper, the entire town salutes and congratulates Jim and Ana Hanna for their bold step and their commitment of love in their new adventure of matrimony. God bless you both.

[Linked Image]

Photo Caption: Liliana Nuņez-Who desperatly needs some journalism courses!!
Jim and Ana Hanna (photo by Kay Scott)

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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/11/02 11:02 PM

how bout some pics...
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Re: Tomorrow, the BIG DAY - 01/11/02 11:43 PM

Yes....more pics please [Linked Image]
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