That's Incredible!

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That's Incredible! - 01/07/02 09:34 AM

On my 1st visit to Key Largo, Florida I asked a shopkeeper how it was living there? She said that just last week the TV show "That's Incredible" had two people on from Key Largo; one had a job and the other didn't drink. It took me a minute to get it.
I think maybe this could apply to a lot of our beautiful tropical places too.

I see so many people writing about moving to paradise and so many people warning them to not jump too soon. I think one needs to have a plan when they make such a move.
For sure you must have enough interest in something you can do from anyplace in order to be happy living on an island. Watching sunrises and sunsets and drinking in-between can get old pretty fast.

I want to live in Belize because of the incredible people and the diving is good enough to keep me occupied. I plan to walk the beach at sunrise, have my coffee at Lily's, do a tank dive or long snorkel for the healing of the ocean, then walk home and spend two hours everyday writing. Oh yes, and nap too.
I want to buy fresh food everyday, not go to the super market and stock a kitchen.
I want to eat FRESH fish! I want to take up fly-fishing again. Haven't done that for years but I used to be pretty good.
I have a not-for-profit organization I can run from my computer in less than one hour online time, if I am organized off line.

I expect to get off the island every three of four months for awhile so it will stay new and exciting to me.

And yes, I am keeping my home here so I always have a place to come back to.

Now that it's actually 2002 and retirement is 10 months away I find I am getting nervous - so much to do to get ready.
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Re: That's Incredible! - 01/07/02 02:41 PM

Sounds absolutely wonderful Harriette!
Good plan! [Linked Image]
What more could a person want?
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Re: That's Incredible! - 01/07/02 07:09 PM

with complete agreement with ss, i humbly ask how this is all financed? i do not mean to pry, it just seemed like a logical question.

had i unlimited funds at my disposal, this sounds like a dream come true. in reality, i could never do it. i suppose you learn to do without many unnecessary things?

and i don't like fish. could we change just that part to 'shellfish'?
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Re: That's Incredible! - 01/08/02 06:20 AM

Asking how I can do that is like asking an old person the secret to a long life. LOL
I have been working since I was 12 years old. Up until 7 years ago planned to work all my life! Then I burned out and kicked back and refuse to manage any people anymore.
Not drinking or smoking has probably saved me a fortune; certainly saved my life. Don't get me wrong -- I did as much as I could for as long as I could. Fortunately I bottomed out early.
I never trusted unions so when they tried to convince all we young single mothers that more money in our pocket now instead of in our old age was a good thing -- I didn't go for it. Therefore, on March 7th I will have 30 years with a county government job with the OLD retirement plan. Yeah! (not bad for an old Beatnik turned rebel in the 70's.) Now a tired Libertarian.
The other secret is having a savings plan that I couldn't touch. Deferred income will be paying for my living in Belize.

I feel very, very lucky.


PS In AA there is an old saying. When someone is asked, “How did you stay sober so long,” the answer is “Don’t drink and don’t die.”
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Re: That's Incredible! - 01/08/02 07:07 AM

I think most of us have a plan like Scuba Lady right? to have something for all those years of hard work. And if ya don't better's never too late.

Harriette, you made your luck and now you're reaping the benefits... I wish you a life of enjoyment and peace.

I suppose everyone lives at their own pace.
I believe in saving and building a nest egg for retirement. Some people like to spend it all and live it up, and that's works for them. The years go by so fast...before u know it..we're there..and it's nice if your prepared.


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Re: That's Incredible! - 01/13/02 12:00 PM

Well Harriette I also have a 2nd life in Belize as my goal. Have been working on it since my first visit some 13 years ago.

Thought I would be able to hang onto my house in the states as a home base when I retire but after a divorce I had to alter my plan. I also had to change my timeframe so I am a few more years away.

I am quite interested in learning from those that go before me. I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts and plans for your new life.
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Re: That's Incredible! - 01/14/02 07:31 AM

Isn't life funny? I ended a 13 year relationship which freed me up to do whatever I want. Moving to Belize because possible.
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