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Propane? - 01/27/02 03:27 AM

Here is a real odd-dumb question but maybe someone has an answer:
How common is the use of propane in Belize for running lamps, stoves, fridges, etc in places that are not near the local electrical grid?
Does Belize city have propane fill-up for portable (barbeque-size) tanks at any service stations?
Thanks for any enlightenment you can provide.
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Posted By: Rocio

Re: Propane? - 01/27/02 06:15 AM

Butane, rather than propane is sold through out Belize and the rest of Central America, even in the large cities. There is no freezing temps down here. A point to remember, butane burns hotter and prolonged use can damage your stoves, water heater, etc. Electricity is pricey. Cost per/kwh goes up with consumption, not down as in the US.


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Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Propane? - 01/28/02 12:20 AM

A number of companies deliver butane around the country. Belize Western Energy is probably the biggest company.

--Lan Sluder
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