gifts to show appreciation?


gifts to show appreciation? - 01/28/02 04:27 AM

What is the appropriate gifts?
Tipping, if so how much?
Anything special we can bring to thank them?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: gifts to show appreciation? - 01/28/02 04:47 AM

Unless I know someone on Ambergris personally, how could I take them a gift.

I say the best gift, is to tip generously.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: gifts to show appreciation? - 01/29/02 05:47 PM

I gently recommend remembering the children. They are so precious, quick to show thier beautiful little smiles, friendly, helpful, and in many cases do without the extras that our children take for granted. I filled a small bag with "goodies" and small toys. If you have anything left, drop it off at the clinic. They are more than happy to have it.... Debbie
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: gifts to show appreciation? - 01/29/02 10:37 PM

they (and i hate generalizations) love US stuff. bring cigarettes, old t-shirts with US slogans, old music cassettes, etc.

and yes, the kids. you should have seen their faces just for orange tic-tacs! and they flipped over my husband's pikachu band-aids.
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