Busy at Easter?

Posted By: ben

Busy at Easter? - 02/02/02 09:58 PM

Hi, I'm visiting Belize between 17th March and 5th April. I dont want to book accomodation/diving ahead of time if I can avoid it, but my holiday obviously includes Easter.

Can anyone suggest dates when I really aught to book ahead to avoid problems?
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Busy at Easter? - 02/02/02 10:27 PM

I don't think you'll have any problems booking anything when you arrive...we should be there at that time also!! Probably best to wait til you get there-the "Easter Winds" will be blowing during that'll want to go on a day that might be more calmn....we've spent the last 2 Easters there! It is VERY nice...lots of "locals" from the mainland come for a visit..maybe we will see you there??? C
Posted By: ben

Re: Busy at Easter? - 02/03/02 04:54 PM

Thanks RickCheri, most reassuring.
Posted By: sfrost

Re: Busy at Easter? - 02/04/02 09:16 PM

I'll be there at the same time as you folks. Seems every time I visit, it's a different time of year - first Easter spent there. This year, bringing my oldest daughter with me, for a mother/daughter "time out".

Where do you folks hang out? I'd like to hook up with you and buy you a cold one. I read your posts all the time; should add my 2 cents more often, but usually just read others.
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