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Anyone? - 05/12/02 09:52 PM

Hey guys, does anyone know anything about this person? or know where a reserch can be done on him?

John Sebastian Marlow WARD
born Belize 22.12.1885
son of an Anglican minister, Herbert Marlow Ward, then working with the church in 'British Honduras'.

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Re: Anyone? - 05/12/02 11:10 PM

Is this the only info you have on this person? If so you would first have to establish what church he (the father) was working with and see if they have their old records. From there you can hopefully dicipher if he (the father) stayed or if he was reassigned to another ministry and for how long, you would need to figure out if he was moved around alot and where he ended up. If he left when the kids were small they would most likely have gone with him, then you would have to search records from the place he went to. Courthouses, churches, census records are all good sources of info. The mormons keep really good I mean REALLY good geneology records. You might be able to do a search there. I did a successful search for my birthfamily about 5 years ago so I know a little about this stuff :-) Good Luck!

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Re: Anyone? - 05/13/02 12:26 AM

HI J. thanks a lot. I'm getting info. for someone....I'll send this to him..thanks a lot.

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Re: Anyone? - 05/13/02 04:47 AM

I shot some information out on my grandfather over the internet.... He was born in the Dominican Republic. I didn't find any information on him, but I DID find a distant cousin who lives in Germany, and he answered my query. We compared notes and information, and BINGO we were indeed related!! We email every couple weeks and REALLY enjoy knowing eachother that way. It was really cool to find distant relatives.... Especially half way around the world. Keep trying. Don't give up. You may find something entirely different than what you were looking for, and be just as happy....
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Re: Anyone? - 05/13/02 03:08 PM

Thanks Debbie...will send that on to my friend.

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Re: Anyone? - 05/13/02 03:15 PM

In British colonial times, I know fairly extensive censuses were taken of the British Honduras population. There are census lists, but I don't know if they are on-line or not.

--Lan Sluder
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