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Posted By: sweetjane

sneak peek - 06/18/02 03:28 AM

Re: sneak peek - 06/18/02 01:55 PM

Hmmmmm, the pictures of the flies must be in the second batch.
Posted By: snowbird

Re: sneak peek - 06/18/02 02:03 PM

sjane - how'd the kids like the trip? waiting to hear your report and would love to know their perspective...
p.s. your peek was great (i wondered where the flies were too [Linked Image] )
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: sneak peek - 06/18/02 03:07 PM

i need to organize my thoughts before any report. i had a ball. every day.

i did NOT take pics of the flies, smart guy. these were the last pics in the camera. the best are from cayo.

the kids had quite an adventure, and saw some things they never will again. they were extremely well behaved. it was VERY hot for them, and they dealt with bugs pretty well. tried many new foods too. they loved debbie & vicki (who wouldn't), and hope brought them cute little gifts too.

last night i watched some video aimee (7) shot at duPlooys. it was so cute.she even filmed a glance at a hummingbird. i was very proud.
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