Can I just say...

Posted By: KC

Can I just say... - 02/21/02 05:39 AM

...that my hubby and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary today. We first "went steady" (yeah, that's dating me) in the 7th grade... so that was 38 years ago. We celebrated last year on Ambergris, and we are leaving again next Friday. My husband loves this... he doesn't ever have to buy me another gift for any occasion... just take me to Belize as often as possible.

Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Can I just say... - 02/21/02 07:35 AM

amazing! way to go! enjoy it all over again. our first date was 19 years ago in april.

what a terrrific gift idea...the gift that keeps on giving! [Linked Image]
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Can I just say... - 02/21/02 03:57 PM

Congrats KC!!!! Rick and i will be coming upon our 8th!!! When we hit our 35th, you'll find us in our lounge chairs on our front porch, drinking Belikin, in Tres Cocos!! C
Posted By: KC

Re: Can I just say... - 02/21/02 04:10 PM

LOL! In a few years, that's where I hope to be, too (at least a few months of the year)... just up the beach a ways from Tres Cocos.

Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Can I just say... - 02/21/02 04:40 PM

r&c - 8...well, that's pretty good, but we can do that with one hand tied behind our backs! we've lived together for 18+.

plenty of ups & downs go with it, but it is the sticking together thru thick-n-thin that is crucial. a monumental task!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Can I just say... - 02/21/02 07:57 PM

Yeah, but Rick and I started late!! Both of us married for 1st time....i was close to 30..he was 29 1/2 these times that's like finding a needle in a haystack!!! Neither of us had ever been kids!! Pretty lucky, huh???? C
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Can I just say... - 02/21/02 09:37 PM

luck??? maybe. i call it destiny! it seems you two were meant for each other. i was 19 when i moved in with frank, married at 22. so, i guess we are the same age...38?
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: Can I just say... - 02/21/02 10:37 PM

KC -

Have a wonderful time. We celeberated our 25th acouple of years ago in Bermuda. We were lovers for five years before that, so we must have started about when you got married.

You will have a wonderful time in your new house. We did in ours last week - first time there.

Watch for those moonrises over the porch railing.

Our warmest regards,

Mike Ryan

P.S. It's clear (now that we have ordered the washer and dryer, some shades, more needed chairs) that the furnishing tab is about twice the original estimate. I hope to send you the complete run down soon. Wanted to wait till we saw everthing and figured out what else we needed.

Posted By: KC

Re: Can I just say... - 02/22/02 06:04 AM

Aren't the moonrises the best? I think we will be there two days after the full moon, and I hope we get to see at least one awesome moonrise.

I see you have discovered that "hole in Belize where we throw our money!" HA
Yes, It's expensive, but worth it. I don't think St. Peter is going to let me bring one penny with me, so I'm pretty happy to send what I have to Belize!


Re: Can I just say... - 02/22/02 03:59 PM

hey kc, i'm late but happy aniversary. belize was kind of like our honeymoon (we didn't get to go promptly after the wedding). maybe that is why we have such a passion for the country. hope when we are old married people we can congratulate each other in person as we walk by on the beach.
Posted By: beachluvr

Re: Can I just say... - 02/23/02 01:26 AM

KC, congratulations on 33 years, wow! we'll hit our 20th this summer...does that mean i have to wait another 13 before i can get my hubby to retire down there w/me like you? it's a place that's sure worth the wait...i know you'll love your upcoming trip, what a great present! enjoy, gina
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Can I just say... - 02/24/02 02:01 AM

Yes Jane...we are the same age!!! I just had a "prolonged" period of being a teenager-got married late in the best, or i'd probably been divorced by now...especially if i would have married one of the idiots trhat came before Rick!!! C
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