Thank You for the Info

Posted By: lizard

Thank You for the Info - 05/19/02 09:24 PM

Such wonderful info from so many views. I am a Massage Therapist, with training in Injury Rehab and not "rub downs". I have worked on people that have been in serious car accidents, the dying and the greiving. I have worked with "real doctors" that see the value of Medical Massage. And I provide for my family very well. My husband is not unemployed we choose to "raise" our own children instead of buying into what society thinks we should. I am also able to instruct others in Medical Massage. I was under the impression that I would be chatting with educated people. Massage Therapy is not just a "rub down". It has many different applications, such as for injury and soothing the nervous system which affects every organ& cell in the body. Not to mention the affects for the Mind and Soul. I appreciate everones cander and honesty. And I will come to visit!
Posted By: ljacks

Re: Thank You for the Info - 05/21/02 12:51 AM

Glad to hear your attitude.

Come on here and check it out. Much is needed here and in many cases the skills to provide for many needs may, at this point, not be locally available. I am sure that in the future this will change. If you have the desire, anything is possible. An ambulance, an x-ray machine, competent fire and policing, more available health care and a hospital will only enhance everyone’s life. I see that this community is changing. It may not always be positive but it is certainly inevitable.

This community has embraced foreign investment and encouraged immigration. This means that services will at some point have to accommodate that.
Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: Thank You for the Info - 05/21/02 01:05 AM

Dear Lizard,
Being born and raised in Colorado Springs I can't help wondering why you want to move, don't get me wrong the politics (conservative ,christian, right wing) drives me a little crazy as well, I'm just curios. I wish you well. ML
Posted By: disathing

Re: Thank You for the Info - 05/21/02 03:27 AM

dear girl things can get a little messed abou
Belize is as great as you think and as bad as you have been hearing, the government process can be reealy sllow but such is life in belize I had a high skilled job with aircraft there not much training for the belizeans in these areas which is s shame but it is that way (not many planes man) the public schools are way over crowded even by our standards and the economy is very low average yearly earnings around 4000. bz which makes for ill fellings for the disparity. ambergris caye is very expensive living lots of hotels and the likes but there is 5, live in

never thought id miss kids eating fried chicken feetttt but cant wait to get stew beans rice l.a. to far away to go for food all the time

i"ll be down soon as soon as i can get the stuff done up here in the states
Posted By: lizard

Re: Thank You for the Info - 05/21/02 05:45 AM

Mountain Larry,
To answer your ? about why we would want to move.We are just ready for a change and have spent time overseas and love the beach and mainly warm weather.
Yes the politics in COS can drive you up the wall. If you aren't in that Christian Click it can be tough. My husband is a native Colo from Rye. But it just isn't filling our need to simplify our lives.
Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: Thank You for the Info - 05/21/02 05:15 PM

Again I wish you well, as for being part of that click... well I'm not which explains why I moved 50 miles west. As for Rye, pretty place, it's really starting to grow these days. ML
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