hey newbies & friends...

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hey newbies & friends... - 05/08/02 08:20 PM

paluxy got me thinking:

remember this thread? it was one of the most original & one of the best...
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/08/02 08:41 PM

Wow, Jane - I don't remember seeing this. It was just around the time I started lurking on the board. So what do you think - you want to go for an update and then I'll follow?
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/08/02 08:53 PM

Fantastic! I have never participated in a chat like this, I have never even "lurked" on any boards. This stuff has sucked me in, to learn about people u have never met and then to meet them in person just amazes me. Believe it or not I am actually a shy kinda girl (unless I have a panty ripper or something) so i don't really want to go first. I always thought of myself as a driver but in this chat room i guess i'm a passenger. [Linked Image] Go and I will follow!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/08/02 09:19 PM

Thanks Jane, that was fun.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/08/02 10:41 PM

OK then, here goes! My name is Gela and I have been watching this board since a few months before Keith visited AC back in Oct 2000.
I have lived in San Jose, CA for 21 years but my home town is Rochester, NY. I am single, nearly 48 years old (Sept.) and live with my 16 year old Blue Point Himalayan Cat named "Rhapsody in Blue"(Rhaps or "RnB" for short).
I work for IBM - have just learned that my division is being sold off as a joint venture with Hitachi, so my future is somewhat uncertain at this time (after 21 years with the company).
My hobby is traveling. I've been to several Caribbean Islands, Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, many countries in Europe, Tanzania and of course BELIZE! I'm not rich, but have managed to see all of these places on a moderate budget. To me, planning is half the fun of an adventure, which makes this message board very adictive!
I mostly travel alone, which allows me to really get to know the people and culture of each place I visit. The added bonus is meeting fellow travelers - present company included!
I am not very athletic, but love to snorkel and walk and have even done parasailing and air combat with prop fighter trainers :-)
I look forward to meeting some of you while I visit AC for the 3rd time June 8 - June 17. Can't wait to sit down, relax with a Belikin or Rum Punch (or one of CHOOCHOO's Blue thingies) and enjoy Belize!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/09/02 02:06 AM

Ok, here I go....My name is Sharon, I am 35 years old (36 in Dec) and have not yet managed to find my niche in life, however, I am making a great start. I am to be married 6/1/02. This will be my first, I have no kids and neither does Scott (31). I live in Paluxy, TX (via Valencia, CA FOR 7 Yrs-long story). My roots are in Cincinnati, OH where my Dad lives and my mother is buried. I am the youngest out of 6 kids. I am a student at Tarleton State University (a division of TX A & M), sophmore to be exact. My major is Pre-Vet (another long story). For a job I ride & train horses in this tiny town of Paluxy. I was a medical software salesperson for quite awhile but around my 30th birthday I got fed up with the "office" life and decided to follow my dream-HORSES! I live, breath, and eat them. Well, I don't actually eat them although some countries do! YUK! Lets see, I have two horses Gator & Cowboy, two dogs Hank & Wyatt (Hank a black lab & Wyatt a golden Lab. I was not born a country hick, but I am trying my best to become one. Hank is named after Hank Williams Jr. (singer) & Wyatt after Wyatt Earp & Roscoe (my cat) after Roscoe P. Coltrain on the Dukes of Hazard. Roscoe, he is a tom & mostly only comes home to feed. My family thinks I have lost my mind, they don't understand the whole "middle of nowhere" thing.
I think that about covers it, I would talk more about my husband but sometimes he gets a little private, so I'll let him talk when we GET TO AC!!!!!!!
Thank you all for your friendship, you all give it so freely, I can't wait to meet you all.

Sharon [Linked Image]
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/09/02 04:23 AM

Hi all!!
I'm an oldie but a goodie!!! Most folks already know me on the board, but for those of you that don't..... I've been to Belize twice. Once with hubby, and once with my two boys. I'm the mother of two teen boys, whom I adore, even though the older one (17) gives me FITS!!! I live in Corpus Christi, TX and moved here about 7 months ago. I'm still trying to get used to it, I miss my old job, friends and home terribly..... I don't have any pets. I've been married to my husband for almost 12 years now, and love him to pieces. Many people on the board know me as the crazy lady with the chicken feet story... (Do a search for this one....) I've travelled some, many times to Mexico, Canada and the Carribbean and was a foreign exchange student in Greece while in high school. (Back in the dark ages)I love the water, and if I do any exercise, it's usually water aerobics. I'm most at peace while snorkeling, and can't wait to do it again next month!!! Anyone up for a night snorkel with me???? Currently, I work for the YWCA working with youth. I'll be 43 next month, and dream of travelling to Spain one day.... The end. [Linked Image]
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/09/02 04:32 AM

ohhh pleezzzz, oldie my a--. my husband and i are coming to belize for the 1st time may 21. we are in our 50's but i swear we look 25(at least in my mind) at least we act it(how sad)
wer are going to placencia for 2 days-at mariposa and then winging it --any suggestions- we love to snorkel, eat, drink ,be merry and oh yeah--the ole man live s to fish!! i hope to meet some people from the forum--i've been lurking for a couple months-- can't wait to seee all the places i've ben hearing about. also want to tube and check out some ruins.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/09/02 04:33 AM

Wow no pressure. I am the president of a small Asian Nation and owner/pilot of a fleet of jets.
No really, I am nearly 48 years young myself (June 9th). Regardless of my age I too consider myself a newlywed. Amy (vballcoachccv) were married a little over a year ago.
We are both teachers living in a small town in the mountains of Colorado called Cripple Creek about 10,000 feet in elevation.
Amy teaches elementary school here in town and coaches high school volleyball while I do the commute to Colorado Springs and teach middle school gifted and talented social studies.
We were both born in Colorado, Amy in Denver and myself in Colorado Springs.
I really hope this trip is one tenth as much fun as planning for it has been, including talking to you folks almost daily for a month now.
I swore to myself that I would never get to the point that I was telling people about pets but we have four, two dogs (Rockie and Baily) and two cats (Larry and Amy) that's right the same name as us, it's a long story and if I get really drunk in Belize I might tell you.
We are both looking forward to meeting everyone (not to mention being on summer vacation)in June.
Paluxy- Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Drink a wedding toast to all the new friends you will meet on your honeymoon (I'll buy). Oh and by the way, I really don't own my own fleet of jets, as a matter of fact the only thing I'm not looking forward to on this trip is getting on one of those damn contraptions. YOO HOO ML
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/09/02 01:55 PM

OK, I am back in. I am 54, a support engineer for a large unnamed disc drive company here in Minneapolis. My wife of 34 years (she who must be obeyed)and I, along with various family members have been vacationing in the Caribbean for the last 10 years, and San Pedro has been the location of choice for the last 3 years, planning the 4th trip in Jan for two weeks. I am a diver (along with a number of family members) and my wife is a rabid snorkeler. We fish,snorkel, dive, eat like kings and drink a lot of Belikin on vaca. My two kids are both divers, but have never been able to accompany us. Hope to change that in the near future. I have been in and out of the board for the last two years. Every trip we add a new experience to the vacation (thanks to the reports on the board)and hope to continue. I know a lot of folks on the board here are from the Minneapolis area, anyone ever tried to organize a meet and greet?
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/09/02 02:51 PM

Rick and I are both 38 years young, have 2 four legged children....8 and 4 year old Chow Chow's-Randa and Rogue Marley. We have recently returned from our 9th trip to AC/BZ. Rick manages a restaurant, i manage hair salons. We live in Bedford, Texas-right near the DFW airport. We own land in Tres Cocos and hired Mr. Jim Hanna to build our home there, which is coming along nicely!!! So much more than we expected!!! And we're still looking for the right people that want to invest with us on AC.....we are successful managers here, but LONG to be successful managers there on AC. We don't want kids so we want to live the last half of our lives on the island!! Most people spend their lives raising kids...we want to build a successful business. (been there, done that here in the states!) We'll win the lotto soon and then OUTTA here!!! LOL....great to meet you all!!!! C&R
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OK here goes. I am 33, married for 13 years, 2 kids (6 year old boy and 2 year old girl). I've had different jobs, but all related to computers. Currently I am doing quality assurance work here in Indianapolis.

I grew up in Indiana, but as a child my family took yearly vacations to the Florida Keys. At some point, the ocean stole a piece of my heart and now years later when I close my eyes I can still feel it trying to pull me back.

I spent the summer of 1990 working with my wife at Jimmy Buffet's in Key West and fishing and snorkling several times a week. Since then I've had precious few opportunites to spend time on the water.

My goal, of course, is to return to the coast (while avoiding overcrowded areas) and I am exploring my options. Belize is on my list of places to check out and I hope to visit soon.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/09/02 10:38 PM

Yup, its me, the infamous husband (Izzy) and I are about to turn 55. We live in Fremont Calif (half way between Oakland and San Jose) with our 5 cats: Midnight, Jazz, Gus (aka CatZilla), MamaCat and Catamaroony (all except Midnight were rescues...)
I am a an attorney specializing in elder abuse and civil fraud litigation and my husband is (was, now I guess he's a "sailor") a commercial construction project management consultant.
We own 2 units in Paradise Villas, just paid off our 10 year mortgage, yippee!
My husband is about to sail to Belize (leaving Tuesday), he should get there around the first of June.
Next year, we are building a little solar powered house on an island in Panama, Bocas del Toro area and will be living down there most of the year.
Our family including my stepdaughter, Chas, a bilingual teacher in Oakland, comes to Belize a couple of times a year whenever possible. We love Belize and hope to visit more often in the future. We love the people, the music, the food, the water, the air, the sun, the jungle (everything but the political situation....)
My hobbies are hell raising, spending quality cat time, and I hope someday to write a book. Maybe sailing too...we'll see!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/10/02 12:33 AM

This is a cool thread!! Thanks Jane! When the other one was up here, Rick and I didn't own a computer!!! LOL....I wouldn't allow-we don't carry cell phones either. Anyway, he got himself a computer for my birthday.....really!!! But have taught myself and love having it!!!! ThANKS RICK!!! SUSANGG-thank you for rescuing your animals!!! (cats) I'm a member of PETA , SAGA and the Humane Society. We need more people like you!!! IZZY-love the name. I have a dear friend we call know, "Ground Control to major Tom"... It's GREAT to meet you folks!!! C
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My turn....
I must be crazy. I have to get up in less than four hours to go to the airport to head for... you guessed it... BELIZE! I have too much to do to sleep, I think. OK, so this is supposed to be personal... My name is Becky, I am Oregonian to the core, born & bred. SWF, 30, seeks... oh, sorry, wrong article. :-) HA! Seriously am single, but love it. No kids, dogs, cats, fish, or pet iguanas to speak of. Love travel more than anything. Have spent a few years living in Eastern Europe, can't wait to choose another new home - maybe sometime will head to Africa or some remote part of the world. I love languages, would love to be able to speak 10. As it is I speak two, English and Russian. I work in the marketing department of an International Relief and Development organization, which is an amazing job. Love it, and am happy as a clam. I got hooked on Belize last year when traveling with a friend, and will be SO happy tomorrow at about 3:30 (or is is 2:30?) when my feet touch Belizean soil again. I can relax, let down my guard and be free for a week.....

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It might be interesting for you to know that there is a VERY large contingent of Hoosiers who have been going to AC for over 20 years. We've been going for 10, 2-5 times a year. Check out and you find three trips listed.

When you're done with that can you stop by 56th and Keystone and give my computers some "quality assurance"?

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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/10/02 05:35 PM

I'm Kathie, we fell in love with Belize in March. I am forty something, married with two teenagers and a golden retriver, living in a suburb of ST. Paul, MN. Most people complain about kids that age, we are having the time of our lives with them, no problems just allot of fun to be with. We love the water have traveled allot including Akumal which led us to try Belize. We are a family of scuba divers can't wait to get back to Belize. But our real hearts are in sailing.
Susangg, we are much like your family. My husband too is a coml contruction project manager, I manage Coml properties and portfolio's. Our retirement dream is to sail around the world starting with the carribean area. We following the log of Ithaka from Cruising World, your husband maybe interested the logs too its on the internet. Next time we are in Amber. we'll see if you are there too and get together to chat.
Wish everyone the best.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/10/02 05:35 PM

isn't this fun?!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/10/02 06:07 PM


I work at HW69 and 96th and live on Southport and HW65 (just below the 465 loop on HW65). I drive down Keystone all the time especially with the current construction on 465. On Tuedays I play Ultimate Frisbee at Broad Ripple park.

I have a special 5 pound hammer that I use to assure PC quality [Linked Image] I love those darn things...

Thanks for the info on Ambassidair. I had forgotten that they do Belize trips. I saw it once on an inflight magazine on the way to Florida. I will keep them in mind.

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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/10/02 06:31 PM

I'm Kathy and my husband of almost 6 years, is Ric. We fell in love with the island on our Honeymoon and purchased our home 2 years later. We have 6 kids between us, with our daughters wedding coming up June 15th. We have 3 big dogs. Shadow a black golden (12 years old) is blind and on insulin shots twice a day. Gunner,(13 Years old) a yellow lab with arthritis and thyroid problems on medication twice a day. Last but not least is our Dalmation (7 years old)Pepper, is our crazy one, who loves everybody. We spend more money on babysitters and Vets when we go to the island than our trips there.
We were planning a trip back in July, but Ric shattered his heel two weeks ago and will be on crutches for the next 3 or 4 months. I guess we could just throw him in the golf cart and bar hop.
Its been great to meet all the people on the island and on the message board.

Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/10/02 06:37 PM

my name is gay and i am a chocoholic.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/10/02 08:34 PM

Thank you KJ---keep an eye out for a red and white catamaran if you are down there in the end of the month we are sailing it to the Rio Dulce and leaving it there for hurricane season...too risky to try to get to Bocas in July.
Actually, I downloaded quite a few of Ithaka's logs (the parts from Florida to Cuba to Mexico and through Belize). It's great reading, they should publish it in book form, it would be a best seller!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/11/02 01:25 PM

Hello Everyone,
My name is Jackie. I live in Cleveland,Ohio and I will be 35 next Saturday. I have 2 cats, Reno and Boo, they are 5 year old brothers. I am of Polish and Russian desent,2nd generation and Catholic. I work at the Post Office and no I am not disgruntle.
I have traveled to many islands in the carribbean, but I have never found on like Belize. I was only there once Aug 2001 and I will be back Aug 2002. I would have to say it was the best vacation of my life. I went alone and I have never felt so welcomed in my life as I did there. I was on cloud 9 when I came home. But it did not last very long. On Sept. 22 my father passed and on Oct. 24 my mother passed. They were married for 51 years. But I can say that my love for the carribbean and traveling is owed to them. They introduced me and I am hooked. So, needless to say I will travel. My August vacation will be for 16 days, and a much needed one. I am glad the I found San Pedro, cuz now I have a place to go where I do not have to think, I could wake to the beauty of the island and no undo pressure. I hope it works.

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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/11/02 04:04 PM

Hi guys! My name is Elbert Greer and always has been . I’m 51 years old and live on the north end of the island. I’m divorced,no children, and live on this island with my Xwife, Mary Ellen, , Dante didn’t think of that particular level when he wrote Inferno’, new woman, Redhead ,much better. ‘Lyndel ‘Loved the comments about AA” oups! Wrong meeting .” We could all be net addicts.
I’ve just come out with a book with a subsidiary of Random House titled ‘Birdwatching with Bubba’ Its about the Island, Its characters and a few birds as well. Hea, buy the book! I think you will see yourselves in it.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/11/02 04:33 PM

I’m a cranky old man, met the wife in Salt Lake City where we born, then later moved up to Idaho. We have daughter who has be diving for 3 years, the wife and I have been diving about 17 years. Our next trip is leaving June 26 and returning July 11, destination the Bay Islands. Oh I almost forgot to mention they hate me here…
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/12/02 04:07 AM

SJ-U R too cute!! Thx for starting this!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/12/02 04:29 AM

idaho - you know i love you. fanning the fire was all! never hard feelings.

elbert...i loved the book. ordered it in march. just a delite. how is little bubba getting on? good brains? ex-wife, ey? wanna take me barstool birdwatching when i come in june?? i have my own binocs.

glad y'all are having fun with this.

my story still to come...

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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 01:51 AM

HI, I am Tammi, age 43 from Ohio. I have a husband, kids, cat, dogs and horses. My husband and I went to Belize (AC) for the first time and got the added bonus hurricane vacation from Keith. Whod a thought that thing would stay over us for 36 hours. What an experience. We haven't been back since but will soon I hope. I've been reading this board for a couple of years and hope to meet some of you in San Pedro one day.

Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 02:55 AM

Hello Everyone!

My name is Angela age 34, Spouse Kayne, age 37, We live between Baton Rouge,Louisiana and New Orleans. We have been married for 12 years (our anniversary is today). We have one son, Brandon, age 8; 2 dogs (Hoss, a boxer and Brittany, a mixed lab..) 2 cats (Ariel and Salem) My first trip to A/C was in 1992. Absolutely loved it. Since then we have traveled other places, but A/C kept calling me back and finally we are returing to A/C July 4, 2002 and staying 2 weeks. I can't wait for my son to experience A/C, there's just no place like it. My family loves to travel, we have been to various islands in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Tahiti just to name a few. My brother-in-law Kyle,age 39,and recently divorced, will be traveling with us also. I figure what better place to relax then A/C..... He has never been out of the country before, boy is he in for a real treat or what?

See ya real soon!!!!!!

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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 02:57 AM

hi all! my name is carrie i am 27 yrs. old and my hubby is 30. i am a stay at home mom and part-time student. most of my days are spent taking care of my 3 childern they are 5, 2,and 1 and also boots our dog and her 7 pups she had a week ago . my after hours are spent cleaning up after them and studing to be a private investagator. my hubby works for a plastics comp. were he changes the molds. he works alot of over time so im with the kids most of the time. we have been married for 8 yrs in aug. our first trip to AC was in april and we plan on returning as soon as we can!!! we live in ohio were it is always cold so it was nice to go to the warm for once! so thats my fun filled life! wwoooooooohhhhhh!!!! lol
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 02:59 AM

This is too cool!

My name is Angeline, I'm 52, and I found this board right after my first trip to AC in February, 2001. I'm a native Dallasite, and I live only a mile from the house where my parents still live. I work for THE major snack food company and am a research scientist in the product development group.

Since my first trip, I've been back five more times (yes, in just over a year!), and I can't wait until next time.

I'm sure that I've seen some of you at BC's since I always stay at Belizean Reef and hang at the closest and friendliest bar.

I have six cats, all rescues, and my hobby is baroque music. Hence the user name.

Thanks to all of you for keeping me up to date on the latest and I'm sure we'll meet eventually!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 03:15 AM

aaahhh. bach, i get it.
Posted By: NJgirl

Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 04:42 PM

...and I was trying to remember what Jimmy Buffett's middle name was...

hee hee hee
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 05:18 PM

Hey all, I've been quietly reading you for a while> not really into talking to unknowns on the 'net! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!
We're going to CC on May 24th for a week of lying in the sun recovering from our lives! (That would be me,Colleen, and my wonderful husband, John)We are stuck in NE Louisiana and dying for some sand and clear water. We are beach bums in exile. Johns's goal in life is to be a lifeguard on a beach - any beach. I'm 27 and he's 25. Got to find the younger ones and raise them right! No kids. 2 dogs, Harry a long haired dachsand, and Heidi of questionable lineage. I'm in insurance and the SO works in customer relations. We saw an article on Belize in some magazine and started researching. You guys have been more help than anything on deciding to go to Belize. If anyone is going to be around froom May 24th - June 1st, let me know. We can meet for drinks or whatever. Would be nice to meet some people who know where the fun is as we've never been to Belize before. Need advice on snorkeling, fishing, lying in hammocks, and best sites to nap in sun.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 05:53 PM

hi everybody, this has been great!! i'm raylene and my hysband of 6 yrs, ron, and i are coming to belize in 8! days. we are in our 50's but think it must be a cruel joke-- because we think of ourselves as 25--hard on the kids and grandkids--but they love to be at our house!! we are going to placenia the 21 and staying at mariposa for 2 days, maybe longer, until we get our bearings. we want to go to seranade island for 4 or 5 days to really vegge. hope to meet---anyone will do actually. what fun raylene
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 06:45 PM

NYgirl: Don't feel bad! I figured jsbfan was Jimmy S. Buffett fan, too. Who thinks of the classics when "Cheeseburger in Paradise" will do??? LOL
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 07:19 PM

Bankerwoman...close but that was NJgirl. I am NYgal
We're just nieghbors LOL
[Linked Image]
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/13/02 08:06 PM is my turn. [Linked Image]

My name is Tami (some of you know me as "Malibu Barbie" LOL) and I am 31 years old. I have been married for 3 years and still loving it. We have traveled to many tropical places but nothing compares to AC. We went to AC (our first time) in April and we, like most everyone else, fell in love with all that it has to offer. We are planning another trip back next year. We don't have any children yet, other than our persian cat (Savvy) and our golden retriever (Sox). We live in beautiful Newport Beach (Southern California) and we both grew up in this area. Living here made it easier (not much, but a little) to leave AC and come home.

For work...I actually have a really fun job. I work with The Nelsons, Matthew and Gunnar. Some of you might have heard of them. They are the twin sons (used to have long blond hair) of the late Ricky Nelson ~ and the grandsons of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. I handle their fan relations at and away from shows. Yes, they are still touring and doing great.

I have enjoyed reading this board for months now. I was able to gather so much valuable information for our trip to AC last month. It helped make it the best it could be. It was also a pleasure to meet many of the "boarders" during my time on AC. I can't wait to return!

Tami [Linked Image]
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/14/02 01:05 AM

How about "Little Fugue in Paradise?"

Or "Why Don't We Get Drunk and B Minor Mass?"

And my favorite "The Well-Tempered Pencil Thin Mustache?"
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/14/02 02:30 AM

[Linked Image]
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/14/02 07:05 PM

Jane so glad you started this kind of thread again - the first was a blast. It's great to see who eveyone is. AND I too am from Bucks County - Langhorne. Your just a stones throw away.

Anyway... this is my story:

My name is Bonnie. I am 32 and married for almost 4 years, and have no kids. Have 1 Weimaraner pooch who is super spoiled. Our honeymoon was to be to Belize and we got side tracked by "Mitch", just as few days before our wedding (10/31/98). When we finally went in 2000, we took 5 people with us - 3 weeks after Keith Hit. I swore that we were dooming the island.

I scuba dive, hubby does not. We have been to AC a few times and the last being Nov. 2001. Stayed 5 days at Caves Branch and then 5 days on AC. We love the laid back lifestyle in Belize and plan on going back year after year.

Not too thrilling - but that is me.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/14/02 07:57 PM

I am very pleased to meet all of you!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/14/02 09:18 PM

Tami, i think if i dig deep enough i can pull out one of The Nelson's CD. I used to live in Valencia, CA & I would frequent FM Station & The Troubador! Glam Rock Central, hey, you gotta love it.
Posted By: Tami

Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/14/02 09:28 PM

The Troubador?! Nice!

Yeah, I am sure many people could "dig up" a Nelson cd or two. They had a Platinum album in 1991 (After the Rain). They are still looking and sounding great. Keep your eyes out for a new Nelson album that should be released soon. [Linked Image]
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/15/02 01:29 AM

You're kidding???? A new one???? I was just humming that song the other day....After The Rain,,...anyone know how Barefoot Skiny's tour went??? C
Posted By: paluxy

Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/15/02 05:09 AM

Tami-Great, I'll look for it. As for The Troubador, I can't remember too much about it, the one thing I do remember is that when I tried to take my drink in the restroom they wouldn't let me because of the glass container-fights I guess. This was back in 89'. Take care!
Posted By: Tami

Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/15/02 03:37 PM

After the Rain was a GREAT album! Their new music is awesome too. You can check out their website ~

Tami [Linked Image]
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/15/02 06:11 PM

Hi! I am German and 35 years young. Dean is 43 and a native California Surfer Dude from Huntington Beach, CA. We have been married 13 years, have lived together in Munich and California and are childfree.
Our Baby's are 2 little black and white Italian Greyhounds (Luigi and Giovanni) as well as a Siamese Cat (Coco).
I grew up in Munich, Germany and spent almost all of my Summers in Italy at the beach near Venice. We both love the Ocean but also the mountains and ancient sites. We have been traveling all around Europe, parts of Africa, Hawaii, Honduras, various destinations in Mexico(Playa del Carmen & Akumal is our favorite and have been there 12 times) and have been to Belize twice. We have a house in Corona, Southern California, a timeshare at Doheny Beach, CA and own land on Long Caye at Lighhouse Reef since 2000. We also owned a timeshare at the Basil Jones Resort but got ripped off!!! Our friends moved to AC 6 month ago and we are hoping to visit them as well as Long Caye over Thanksgiving if we get enough miles together from our Europe vacation this September. We where thinking about moving to AC last year and buy a business but decided against it for now. At this point California is a good base to travel from for us and we both work in Orange County. We are hoping for semi-retirement in about 15 years and hope to spend tons of time in Belize and Akumal and maybe own a business in either spot. Now you all know about us as well.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/16/02 03:14 PM

We won't be down till next March. Wish you and your husband the best on your sailing adventures. Rio Dulce is going to be on our itinerary when we sail too. Maybe we'll catch up with each other another time.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/20/02 06:34 PM

Back to the top..Jane, we're still waiting for your updated introduction!
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Hi!! My name is Dave. I am single, 46 years old and live in San Jose, Ca with my two cats, Sourdough and Daisy. Seems everyone else is providing cat info so just to follow suit.. I will undoubtably be bringing my share of cat hair with me to the island on June 15th.. As soon as the bags come out, the cats try to stow away.. Wish I could bring them with but their not certified divers.. I will be travelling alone and diving most days but I'd love to make some new friends while I'm there.. I'm soooo ready for a beach and a beer.. Ciao for now!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/20/02 11:59 PM

lifeisgood4dave - where is San Jose do you live? I live South - Snell Ave. and Capitol Exp.
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Statistics time. My real name is Lee Vanderwalker-Kroll. My father's family is Dutch and my mother's family is Cherokee Indian. No pets, except for the sand crab that thinks he lives in my art studio, and my landlord's rooster that I have to chase out of the gallery with the broom from time to time. I moved to Belize last year first to San Pedro and then came to Caye Caulker to open a business in November. Loving it here, and not missing much except my 3 grown up daughters Adriaan, Jessica and Mallory and 2 grandaughters Maya and Halima Jade. Email and msn messenger helps. For my age you'll have to do some research. I've made lots of friends here and don't know what I will be when I grow up. My favorite color is blue, and the ocean here is like food for my eyes. I wake up every day to an incredible view and I can't believe how lucky I am to live here. Its not all been sunshine and flowers, but in comparison to Detroit... well, I'll leave it at at that!
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Wow Gela, We're practically neighbors.. I'm off of Hillsdale and Cherry. Such a small planet we inhabit! I'm still in the process of deciding where to stay down there. Have a few people telling me that the Sunbreeze is a good place and they have good dive packages.. Any opinions? I think I wanna be close to town so I can get into town more often and meet more people.
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and aqtpie is not 30 minutes from me. (langhorne, home of reedman's auto mall!)

funny. isn't it? last time i went to san pedro, i met a couple that used to live in my old neighborhood before i did. weird, they knew EXACTLY where my house was.

silk, you are living what is a fantasy to some of us. i would never have the kahunas to do it.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/21/02 03:22 AM

If anybody would like to be on the mailing list for XALOC journey email updates (my husband is sailing our catamaran from Cape Fear North Carolina to Ambergris Caye), send me a private email to: [email protected] and I'll put you on the list. I'll probably send out about 8-10 of these altogether.
If you do email me, please make sure your email header info is accurate, as I am lazy and will just right-click to add you to the list.
All reports will be in plain text, no photos or other attachments.
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Also, I lived in San Jose, off Santa Teresa Blvd. for many years, now we live in Fremont California. Hopefully, a year from now we will be living in Bocas del Toro, Panama.
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Wow Dave and Susan, the world gets smaller and smaller the farther out we venture!

Dave - I stayed at Sunbreeze my first visit. The location is the best I think - you walk across the tarmac and you're there. The dive shop looked well managed (I don't dive). However, there are lots of places to choose from that would keep you in town and have good dive packages (and probably a bit cheaper). So I'll let the dive experts respond and give you ideas. I think you said you arrived on Sat. June 15. Definitely check out Fidos that evening for live music. That will be my last night there and maybe we can meet for a welcome drink. On Sunday, June 16 - you MUST go to BCs for their BBQ around Noon. It's the best!

Just 18 days and I'm there!
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Hey Gela, That sounds like a plan. It will be fun to have someone to meet on my first night there. You can tell me about your vacation and I'll take it from there.. Lemme know what time and how I'll know you..
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(this part was my original, from 9/00)think i am actually too boring to be on this topic. hi, as most of you know, i really am jane. frank and i have been married 14 yrs (living together 17 years, sinners). i will be 37 in october and i am a stay at home mom of an almost 6 girl (aimee)and an almost 4 boy (steve). hubby frank is 38 and a self employed database designer for fortune 500 companies. we live in beautiful doylestown, bucks county PA with our 3 cats that pee in my family room. i'm not rich or famous, and i dont own anything except my two vehicles, and this terrific house on 2 acres with a pool that we bought last year. we used to have hobbies before the kids came along, and hope to have them again someday. ok, i do like to play volleyball a lot and i play the guitar (badly) and sing, and frank runs, bikes and dives. mostly, we hang out with our kids. boring, but thats me. nice to meet you all!


so, now i'm 38, we've been together 19 years. with diligence, i cleaned up the smell in the family room so well that the cats now pee in the dining room. and we got a hot tub. i got a really nice digital camera and am learning to photograph. life is good.

aimee is finishing first grade, and my steve is 5. they will be taking their first trip to belize in 18 days, with us & our friend. 4 days in cayo at duplooy's jungle lodge, then off to vicki & butch's fabulous caribe island resort. heaven on earth. and i can't wait to use my camera there!

i am pleased to say that the kids are really looking forward to the trip. i have struggled to teach my children an appreciation of the earth & nature from a young age, and it has taken. they have a vast knowledge of the natural world & how it works, for their ages. (could probably teach some of us a thing or 2) they are great kids.

i guess you can see i'm proud. and frank is a great husband & dad. he works hard but always has time for the kids. this is where our lives are centered.

i spend the rest of my time at this keyboard emailing stupid jokes to my friends and reading this dang board.
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t - half the time i just can't figure how to take your posts...
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never make you go. you are all my friends.

i just don't like to be made fun of...that is my husband's dept. and i DON'T need another one of THOSE.
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and i'vbe been meaning to ask if you are the 'wet sprocket toad'?
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Let's pick a reasonable time to meet on Saturday after you arrive and settle in. Are you on the Dallas flight to Belize City? We can pick a location to meet once you decide where you're going to stay. If you're at the SunBreeze, then I'd suggest meeting at BCs Bar right next door. It will be a great way to introduce you to AC!
Jane, thanks for you update! I can truly relate to your "cat"astrophies at your house.

17 days 'till AC!
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Hi Gela,
Yep, I'm on AA 2193 from Dallas arriving 2:40ish. I am booked at the Sunbreeze so your plan works for me. Lemme no what time you wanna hook up. I'm so excited I can't stand it. I've never been on a vacation by myself and I know it's going to be an adventure. C U Soon..
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Gela, Lifeisgood4Dave:
Fuzz (Michael) and I (Peggy) are from Scotts Valley and both work in San Pantyhose. We will be in San Pedro from 6/10 to 6/20. We will plan on being in BC's barbeque on Sunday, the 16th. Hope to see you there. Fuzz in 6'3" with a white beard and glasses.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/22/02 07:24 PM

don't forget the chicken drop the 12th, fido's to follow, and caribe party the 13th!!
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/22/02 07:47 PM

Peggy - In the 21 years I've lived in SJ I've never heard of San Pantyhose! I love it!

As you can see from sweetJane's posting, you're invited to a party down at Caribe Island Resort on Thursday, June 13. Some of us are hooking up on Wednesday evening at the Pier Lounge for the Chicken Drop and you can join us on Friday, June 14 when some of us go Cave Tubing with SeaDuced! Something to think about anyway. I will definitely be at BCs for my last meal on Sunday, June 16 before heading back to CA. Hopefully I'll meet you at one of the other festivities. I'm sure I'll have no problem spotting "Fuzz".

Dave, after catching a puddle jumper over to AC, you'll probably arrive about 4:00pm at the latest. How about we meet at 6:00pm at BCs Bar. If you're facing the ocean, walk to your right on the beach and you'll see a little palapa roof open air bar just begging you to come in.
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SweetJane - Gela and the rest of you lucky kids who get to visit again befor eme, have a blast at Caribe party!!! That is the ONLY place we stay at and we know it will be rocking that day! I'll mark it on my calendar to have a panty ripper or 2 or 3 that night!

PS - yes Jane home of Reedman's. Born and raised here. Wroked up in D'town a few years back. The 413 commute was killing me during Rush hour - but BEAUTIFUL country up there.
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Gela-Don't know if the Fuzzer will want to part-Tay, but I know I am dragging him to the chicken drop. This is my 5th trip there and I have never made it to the chicken drop. Cave tubing sounds great, but we are hard core divers and Fuzz has to do the Lamanai trip that I did last year when I left him at home.
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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/23/02 12:01 AM


Are u leaving DFW AA2193 on the 10th of June?? If so, we r on ur flight! Let me know!
Sharon & Scott
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Hey Paluxy, Nope.. I'm on the 15th of June.. But thanks for gettin my seat warm for me!! Is it June yet.......................................

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Re: hey newbies & friends... - 05/28/02 04:49 AM

dave...i will still be there the is our last night.

please all remember, my kids are with me too. they will have to be my priority. they are little, but are pretty cool. very funy, smart alecs. attention-mongers. and bright as can be. as my steve would say, "no, really. believe me!"
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