Back From My First Trip

Posted By: CMNate

Back From My First Trip - 08/14/02 10:03 PM

Well, I'm back from my first trip to Belize and Ambergris Caye. I had a wonderful time in my short stay. I kept very busy with my investigation agenda, but I did have time to relax when the sun set.
There is something special about that place and I'm glad that I finally had a chance to experience it. People were very helpful and friendly.
I stayed at Banana Beach and was VERY impressed with the place, the staff, and the owners. I had also contacted Fran and Roger from Triton properties/Coldwell Banker (I had actually attempted to contact several real estate agents, but chose them) and I was well taken care of. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking at/for property in the area.
I will write more about my trip later.
BTW, I did get a chance to meet Jackie, but had bad timing with the rest of the people from the board.

Posted By: Chloe

Re: Back From My First Trip - 08/15/02 01:28 AM

Good News Nate.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Back From My First Trip - 08/15/02 08:01 PM

For all real estate needs, we highly recommend Rashell Knewton at Southwind.....honest and lots of integrity!! [email protected]
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Re: Back From My First Trip - 08/16/02 05:53 PM

Nate! Did you also have a chance to explore the Costa Maya?
Posted By: robindar

Re: Back From My First Trip - 08/18/02 02:16 AM

Hi Nate,
We have read your update about your trip, and are very excited about also going to Belize in the spring. Our trip is for pleasure...this time, but for future reference, how did you find the prices on real estate? Were you looking at businesses?
or a home?..some info would be great.
You had said that the Banana Beach was great, how did Captain Morgans look?

Any info would be helpful,

Robin, and Dar
Posted By: CMNate

Re: Back From My First Trip - 08/18/02 02:49 AM

Munichchick, I didn't get a chance to explore the Costa Maya. I did stop and talk to a real estate company in Playa, but they did not even have a map waiting for me like they said they would (a little dissappointing). A salesman was trying to tell me why he thought the Costa Maya was better than Belize and that was a bit of a turn off. I will have to wait until I return in Nov. to explore.
Robindar, the prices I saw were pretty much what I have seen on the internet. Sales have pretty much leveled out, but I don't know how long that will last. I did see quit a few "for sale" signs. I have narrowed my search to a few properties, but none of those are houses.
Captain Morgans looked nice and I got a tour from one of the people who runs it (I forget her name, but she was nice). The unit they had for sale was for $130,000, but it did not have a "strata" (something you need to be aware of when buying condos there) title.
Also, for me, that area is too far North for my current lifestyle.

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