ditto to Marty

Posted By: bywarren

ditto to Marty - 08/26/02 02:03 AM

I just finished the book "Belize" by Carlos Ledson Miller. Congratulations Marty on your litterary recommendations. The book is very enjoyable and informative.
Now on your deleting of posts, well?????????.
That is two I have been on that were deleted. I hope you do not have the three srikes rule.
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: ditto to Marty - 08/26/02 03:38 PM

On the contrary! I was talking to Marty the other day and he told me you were going to
take over Sandcrab1's position as message board administrator. He feels that you have the
qualifications to be quite open minded and would surely never [#%!] any board members
off. Damn, I just sent away for that book and it cost me $70 BZ for it. I would have taken
you out to dinner on my next AC trip if I could have borrowed your copy. Oh well, now I
have to retire a year later.
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: ditto to Marty - 08/27/02 01:47 AM

This I got to see. Byron, You will need a lot of luck. Good on ya.

Posted By: Marty

Re: ditto to Marty - 08/27/02 03:25 PM

i rarely delete anything. really.

can you tell i'm defensive on the subject?

bywarren, your comments are priceless, very knowledgable, and much appreciated.
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: ditto to Marty - 08/27/02 07:24 PM

See I told you Marty was gonna make you the new and improved message board administrator.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: ditto to Marty - 08/27/02 10:42 PM

A serious big thanks to Sandcrab and the other administators who have done the job. I don't know why anyone would want it.

I have been advised by my off-shore financial advisor that my preferential tax treatment in Belize would be jepordized if I were to accept, what I assume is, such a high paying job. Remember, I am a guest of Belize under the "Retired Persons Incentive Program" that prohibits my working in any fashion. What a country!!!

And besides, if I were to delete some person's idiotic statements, I might loose the love and affection all have for me.

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