Reasonable dive rates

Posted By: Dr Buzzard

Reasonable dive rates - 09/09/02 04:40 PM

I am so pumped! Got tickets to Jerry Jeff Walker Belize Camp (Part two) this January. Have been to Belize many times but never to Ambergris. Any recommendation on how or where to get the best deal for a couple of scuba dives for me and my darling?
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Re: Reasonable dive rates - 09/09/02 05:26 PM

Sorry can't help you with the dive info., but did want to share your joy about JJ Walker (part 2)!!! Hubby & I will be there as well. Were lucky enough to see him in St. Louis about 2 wks. ago, and he sounded and looked great! Put on an almost 3 hour show! Hmmmm.....what to do until Jan. 26?
We are staying at Blue Tang Inn, how 'bout you all?
Posted By: Dr Buzzard

Re: Reasonable dive rates - 09/09/02 07:53 PM

Me and my ole hen are doing the budget rooms and staying at Rubies, Folks there were nice enough to offer us a room by the sea at a reasonable rate.

After the Belize Camp week, got my old cabin in Riversdale that makes for a dang fine fishing spot!
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Re: Reasonable dive rates - 09/10/02 03:24 AM

check out Aqua Dives for diving rates.
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Re: Reasonable dive rates - 09/10/02 04:25 AM

by far ... the dive shop with the best reputation is Amigos Del Mar. I know this because I have been referring people there for years and have never had a complaint.
If you want a cheap deal you will end up with what you pay for.

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Posted By: seashell

Re: Reasonable dive rates - 09/10/02 07:09 AM

If you are only going to have a couple of dives, the prices are pretty constant. If you book a block of dives or the more dives you make, the better the price per dive, is how it generally works. I too recommend Amigos, but there are others that are good also. Most all of the operations will pick you up at your dock, no matter which place you stay. When you first arrive, go around to a few of the shops that you think you are interested in. Check out their facilites, get a look at their gear and boats, etc., have a chat. Then decide.

By the way, I thought the JJW was always around Jan 7-9?
Posted By: Dr Buzzard

Re: Reasonable dive rates - 09/11/02 12:26 AM

seashell> JJ is having two camps this year. The second one is the last week of Jan.
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