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Posted By: gogo

belize on PBS - 09/17/02 09:36 PM

last night flipping channels i saw something on PBS that caught my eye. i believe the show was called "globe trekker" or something like it. it's a travelogue show with a gal in her 20s traveling around & seeing sights. as i began watching she was in yucatan mexico and tulum. i was thinking, now she needs to get on a bus to belize! and she did! bus to belize city, flew to placencia for garifuna settlement day & then to caracol then tikal. it was great to see belize on tv---even the chicken buses, sigh. i was trying to spot someone i knew in the crowds but was not rewarded. PBS repeats everything endlessly so look out for this one in your neighborhood!
Posted By: trina

Re: belize on PBS - 09/17/02 10:09 PM

Yes, I think I've seen that show, although not that particular segment about Belize. Trivia question: isn't Garifuna Settlement day in Dangriga, rather than Placencia? Or maybe they celebrate it there too? Hmmmmm?
Posted By: ckocian

Re: belize on PBS - 09/17/02 10:25 PM

It was Dangriga where she was reporting.
Posted By: gogo

Re: belize on PBS - 09/18/02 12:34 AM

in the narration and on the map they showed her flying to placencia. it's entirely possible the segment was taped in dangriga, but the only town mentioned was placencia.
the show IS called globe trekker. the recording code is 67622.
Posted By: Mosquitorose

Re: belize on PBS - 09/19/02 03:11 AM

Gogo, yes I saw that one too .. it was great...nice gal.

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