Calls back to States

Posted By: Miha

Calls back to States - 11/18/02 05:47 PM

Hi guys,
I'm counting down the days until we leave for Belize (9!!!). Anyway, we just found out that my husband will have to check back each day for his job. mad He can't use e-mail - he must phone in. What is the best way to do this? International calling card? What do you do? We are staying 4 days at Pook's Hill, then 5 days at Xanadu on Ambergris.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Calls back to States - 11/18/02 06:18 PM

I really don't have a true answer but see if they want to accept COLLECT charges. Is there an 800 # @ his place of work?

That stinks for vacation. mad
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: Calls back to States - 11/18/02 06:39 PM

Just get a calling card. I took MCI prepaid phone card - it has directions on the back for international calling. Very easy to use.

Too bad he has to call in. I make sure I don't call in and have nothing to do with office until I step back in it!
Posted By: Beachdog

Re: Calls back to States - 11/18/02 08:06 PM

Direct or collect calls from BZ to the States cost a small fortune. MCI cards always worked great in the past! Inexpensive and easy to use whether from pay phone, residence or hotel.
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Calls back to States - 11/18/02 08:31 PM

If there is any way you can avoid calling collect you need to! I've called that way a few times and resulted in ~$25 for a 10 minute call!
Get a prepaid card. eek
Posted By: Miha

Re: Calls back to States - 11/18/02 10:40 PM

Thanks for all the replies! I just returned from Wal-Mart with a prepaid card. It stinks having to check in with work, but the alternative was postponing the trip. So, I guess it's a small price to pay. smile
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: Calls back to States - 11/18/02 10:42 PM

A good deal is a Sam's Club AT&T prepaid phone card that is 3.47 cents per minute in the US with the Belize to US rate 10 times that or 34.7 cents per minute. Call 115 in Belize to get a Belize operator, ask for AT&T Direct and use the card through that. You can add minutes to the card using a credit card over the phone. If you call from a pay phone it costs a little more than the 34.7 cents/minute.
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: Calls back to States - 11/18/02 10:45 PM

If this is your first time at Xanadu, you'll love it; if it's not your first time, I think you'll still love it. Ask to see some of Judy's great paintings.
Posted By: mommy

Re: Calls back to States - 11/21/02 02:24 PM

i got a phone card when we went to AC i spent 30 bucks on it. i think it was a 500 min. card but rates are higher in belize so i only got 30 min. out of the 500. eek hope this helps! carrie
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