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Posted By: Bubble Boy

Air Conditioners HELP - 11/26/02 08:51 AM

frown I need some help. I am putting a few a/c units into my mini motel (under construction, not yet open) and would like to know what is better. Split units or window. I have noticed that in the US most are window units but in Belize most are split. What is the difference besides the huge price difference? My rooms are 15 ft x 17 ft. I am going nuts! confused
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Re: Air Conditioners HELP - 11/26/02 03:07 PM

They are more efficient and cool better.
Put them up high on the wall...cold air falls...remember?
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Air Conditioners HELP - 11/27/02 12:58 AM

I have both in my resort and I think the split are better and more efficient as they have good thermostats in them only problem I find is the sensors for the remotes go bad very quickly here on the islands the company tells me thats not the case in the mainland but the high salt content here on the coast makes them go bad.

Check out Martinez and sone in Belize city the price of a small split is not that much more than a window unit if your buying here in belize
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Re: Air Conditioners HELP - 11/27/02 11:56 PM

Wow smile Good information so far. Thanks guys and anyone with something else to add, please do so. laugh
Forgot to mention. Does anyone know anything about the split units sold by M & Y Products in Belize City? confused It is a Chinese company and they sell Chinese made units. Cheaper than Martinez I was told.
But are they any good?
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Re: Air Conditioners HELP - 11/28/02 07:16 AM

Splits are nicer and because the compressor is outside the noise inside is almost nil. VERY quiet. Window units generally let in the bugs and make a lot of noise.
Advice. Mount the compressor on a bracket on a wall above the ground. When I installed this originally, we put the compressor on a concrete pad on the ground. We arranged a 6 month maintenance schedule with a local guy. Over time he took out 2 large snakes, 2 tarantulas and numerous scorpions. Finally a iguana got into the compressor and shorted out the whole system causing me to replace it.
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