Jeepers Creepers

Posted By: KC

Jeepers Creepers - 12/09/02 04:08 PM

Where'd ya get those peepers?

I just want to know where Becky BBB got those gorgeous eyes?

No, they're not just "pretty eyes", they are incredibly beautiful, crystal-clear-light-blue, I-wanna-just-stare-at, eyes.

Were you born with them? Or did you have "eye transplants" laugh

Inquiring minds want to know.

confused confused
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Jeepers Creepers - 12/10/02 03:10 PM

Laughing hard in Chicago, thanks for the compliment. You are being too kind.

It was really nice to meet both of you in AC. I'm also very lucky to have met so many wonderful people from the board. Can you believe I just bought airfare for January? wink wink wink
Posted By: KC

Re: Jeepers Creepers - 12/10/02 09:28 PM

Good for you Becky! When in January?

Come on... tell me... I really want to know if they are "real"! (contact lenses????) I know, this is getting pretty personal. Sorry. I'm just an old snoop.

PS Marty -- I hate this "log in, log out" stuff. The old board used to remember me...
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Jeepers Creepers - 12/10/02 09:33 PM

Didn't know I could blush!!!!

Nope, their real, got them from my german side.

Also, I'm going back January 17th-21st. Can you believe it only 4 nights. Banana Beach has been very very good to me. Also, there's a certain german shephard who's calling my name. I can hear her now: "Becky, Becky, come on throw the rock, I'll take a coconut shell, if you don't have a rock." Brandy at Crazy Canucks and I were an item there and I have to hurry back to her.

KC, when is your next trip? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Posted By: KC

Re: Jeepers Creepers - 12/11/02 05:52 AM

Wow. I am impressed. (with the eyes)

Hey! I saw that german shepard at Crazy Canucks! Cool dog!

Not sure when our next trip is. There's a meeting we should attend on Feb 1st, but we may not make it. Gotta stay stateside to earn enough money to support our Belize habit!

You have a good time... Hey! Four days in paradise? I'll take it anytime!

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