kids in Belize ?

Posted By: Gisa

kids in Belize ? - 01/15/03 07:40 PM

Hi, I have two kids ( 5 years and 6 month) and I can't decide ,if I shut take them on holiday in Belize or not.
Without kids , we can stay only 8 days. With kids for much longer.
Does anybody can give me some tips?
Is it posseble to get a babysitter/nanny in Belize?
Vielen Dank!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: kids in Belize ? - 01/16/03 05:40 PM

Many of the upscale hotels/resorts have access to very reputable babysitters. That should not be a problem at all. I have a dear friend that hired a sitter for a night out on the town and was very happy with her. The rates are reasonable as well. If you DO take your kids, be sure to stay at a place that can accomodate them. I suggest a first floor unit, and one with a kitchenette so you can make snacks, refridgerate milk, cook a meal if they don't like the local food etc. There is a playground near the center of town. Is there any way that you could bring your own nanny? That way you could all enjoy the reef, and not worry about the baby. I know Caribe Island Resort has pool toys for kids, a water trampoline, and a little restaurant with food kids would enjoy. The kitchens in the rooms are wonderful, and I know the folks that run it. They will bend over backwards to help you. Check their website. If you can stay longer by bringing the kids. Bring them. There are doctors on the island as well. I brought my kids a couple years ago, and they were able to treat an ear infection. It gave me peace of mind. Debbie
Posted By: Miha

Re: kids in Belize ? - 01/16/03 08:42 PM

Ditto to everyting Debbie said. I think your five year old will be safe, healthy, and have a great time. However, you may want to be careful with the baby. There are mosquitoes and sand flies, and our family got a lot of bites when we forgot to put on the bug spray. Because babies put everything in their mouths, I wouldn't apply bug spray on a 6-month old.

There have been a lot of discussions on this board about natural bug repellants, so just do a search to find more info. You may find a safer alternative.
Posted By: d-jon

Re: kids in Belize ? - 01/16/03 08:54 PM

For flies I suggest using the "Avon Skin so Soft"

I used it on my babies when they were younger.

I would aslo suggest using the electrical mosquito tablets as well in the rooms. These are great and does not affect adult nor kids.

These tablets are especially good for the sand flies (the little ones)
Posted By: Gisa

Re: kids in Belize ? - 01/16/03 11:07 PM

Thanks for all the good tips.I feel much better now and really thing to take the kids with me. It will be only in april anywhere.I was just surprise when I looked on the webside of lodges, that I couldn't see much for kids. I lived 7 years in Zimbabwe and think, that I can handel the Mosquitos ! I would love to take a nanny with me, but it would be too expensive. My husband is a fishermen and I am the diver,so we just have to swob the dutys and get sometimes a day/ evening sitter. Any idea what there get for one houre?

Regards from Hamburg
Posted By: Gisa

Re: kids in Belize ? - 01/16/03 11:09 PM

Hi D- jon!

Where can I buy this lotion?
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